90 Day Programme

Will You Let Me Help You To Create Your Bespoke Automated Marketing System To Provide You With A Steady And Consistent Flow Of New Client Instructions?

Nick Jervis Service Business Marketing Expert

If you accept my help on this page in just 90 days’ time you will already start seeing results in terms of increased client instructions.

Before you find out more, let me explain who this programme is for, and perhaps more importantly by definition who it is not for:

  1. You are the sole decision maker in the marketing of your business (I do not work with marketing committees – they eat up too much time and miss too many opportunities to grow their business); and
  2. You are committed to adding at least another £100,000 to your turnover in the next six to twelve months; and
  3. You are an action taker. If you agree to take some action to benefit your business, you will do as you say.

If you are still reading now, let me explain what will happen over the 90 day period during which we will be working together to produce a steady stream of new client instructions for your business.

The 90 Day Steady Stream Of New Clients Programme

If you are one of only 6 businesses that I work with at any one time, this is how we will work together to transform the marketing of your business:

  1. I will share with you the proven marketing strategies which I have already shared with the hundreds of business owners I have worked with;
  2. You will learn what will work when it comes to marketing your services and how to invest your time and budget to achieve the results you desire;
  3. Perhaps more importantly, you will discover what does not work when it comes to marketing a service business saving you thousands in wasted time and money;
  4. You will learn how to understand all of the important aspects of your marketing, but then how to quickly manage the outsourcing of your marketing so that it happens with or without your input (often I see the business owner/decision maker becoming the blockage in the pipes that keeps the business from making progress and generating increased turnover). This part is crucial as it is the only way to move from the peaks and troughs of client instructions to a steady flow of new client instructions month after month.

Why 90 Days?

I have spent the last few years refining my marketing consultancy services to reach the point that I know how to achieve fast results for a service business over a 90 day period of time. This gives you enough time to implement the long term changes needed to start the transformation of the marketing of your services to produce the steady flow of new client instructions that you crave.

Why Now?

It is for you now if you are ready to achieve results. You are fed up of talking about growing your business, or fed up of a slow pace of growth and now want to charge on ahead at full steam.

Marketing On Speed!

If I know you, you are already seeing some results from your marketing efforts. However, you believe that you could achieve more results more quickly with some expert guidance. You are right!

I have spent the last nine years working with service business owners to improve their marketing results, and before that 14 years marketing inside a legal services business. I know that all that matters when it comes to marketing is results in terms of winning new clients. I want to work with you to achieve the results for your business that you want and need and know are out there, but which until now have eluded you. I want to work with you to show you how to unlock your bespoke route to the successful marketing of your business and to do this incredibly quickly!

What This Service Is Not!

If you are accepted onto this 90 day programme, here are some of the things that you will not receive:

  • A one size fits all marketing package. This is a tailored/bespoke marketing consultancy service working one on one with me to create your unique marketing action plan to drive your business forward.
  • A done for you service. You will need to be actively involved in this process and commit to taking the action agreed to grow your business. If you do this, you are guaranteed results. I will be a hard taskmaster, because we are working on the success of your business. I know that this is important to you so will do all that I can to get you the results you want. However, I also understand that a lot of your time needs to be spent on either management or providing your services (or both). So whilst there will be some work at the beginning, the whole purpose is to automate your marketing so that it happens with or without your input. Your life will get a lot easier as we move through the programme.
  • Marketing Huff and Puff. You will have access to my tried and tested marketing methods that have been refined on hundreds of service businesses already. These are proven, effective marketing strategies that will work for you, not marketing huff and puff.

Is This For You?

Applicants will have a telephone call with me to ensure that the programme is suitable for them (this is not for everyone). Applicants will be accepted, subject to the telephone call, in strict order based on the date and time of their application form submission (below).

What Is Included?

Apply today, and if you are accepted, this is what you will receive:

  • An initial in depth telephone meeting (90 minutes) to devise your marketing action plan for the next 90 days.
  • A monthly one on one 45 minute monthly telephone consultation with me when we review your marketing action plan to ensure you are on track to achieve the results that you want and need.
  • Email support throughout the month to critique any of your marketing activities and to clear any blockages which are preventing you from making progress.
  • Access to my suppliers database: Choosing the wrong suppliers can be fatal to the success of your marketing activities. This aspect of the programme alone can save you thousands of pounds in terms of lost time and lost money investing in the wrong businesses. I have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds of my own money marketing service based businesses, and also much more on behalf of my clients. I know that choosing the right suppliers can be the difference between success and failure, and sadly I have had my fair share of failure too (which is perhaps when you learn the most). You will be able to access my preferred suppliers for website design, copywriting, graphic design, search engine marketing and pay per click advertising to ensure that you have the best people working with you and for you. I only introduce my suppliers to my current consultancy clients because I want their standards to remain as high as they are.

The Investment That Will Repay You Many Times Over

If this works for you and at the end of the 90 day period you are generating even just 2 new client instructions per month at an average fee of £250 per client, your turnover increases by £6,000 per year. Four new clients, £12,000. 10 new clients each month at say £500 per instruction and the increase is £60,000.

What is more important is that I will be working with you to automate all of your marketing systems so that they work with or without you, month after month. If you keep implementing new marketing initiatives with or without my help after the 90 day programme, you can easily add more than £100,000 per annum to your turnover.

So whilst you might expect to pay several thousand pounds to add new and continual turnover to your business, I am only asking you to invest £995 plus VAT per month for three consecutive months. During this time I will be working with you to help you implement the changes which you need to make to the marketing of your service business to produce your steady stream of new client instructions. I have kept the fee as reasonable as possible because I want this to be a really easy decision for you to make.

So join me now, and whilst you will have a busy 90 days, it will mean that you are in a much better place in three months time.

Apply Now

If you are an action taker who is committed to producing a steady stream of new client instructions for your business, please complete the application form below. I will then set up a mutually convenient time to talk to confirm that you are suitable for this programme. If you are accepted, you will be sent payment details and we will schedule the first of our monthly calls and agree your Marketing Action Plan for the next 90 days.

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