19 Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Here are 19 marketing ideas for you to use on your service business. Which ones will you pick? Clue – see the guide at the bottom. 4 of these marketing ideas are far more important than the other ones…. but which ones?

  1. Write a blog post
  2. Write an article
  3. Write an email to your client database
  4. If you don’t have a client database, start building one today (use Aweber like I do)
  5. Call a new prospect
  6. Call an existing client
  7. Go to a networking event
  8. Test a Google Adwords pay per click campaign
  9. Review your title tags and meta tags on your website to make sure they are keyword focused
  10. Write a direct mail letter to prospects
  11. Locate a high quality database to find more leads for your service business
  12. Write an advertisement and place it in a local paper or niche magazine which targets potential clients for your service business
  13. Make sure every page of your website has over 400 words of content
  14. Make sure every page of your website ends with a strong call to action (i.e. to make your prospects call you or download some information in exchange for their email address)
  15. Add an enquiry form to your website (in our testing 60% of people would rather fill in a short enquiry than make the first call)
  16. Send out a press release
  17. Create a video about your services or a topical event and link it to your services
  18. Do your first webinar (love these)
  19. Do your first teleseminar
  20. Do something. Do anything. You will only have a service business which is as busy as you want and need it to be if you take consistent marketing action every working day. I recommend 30 minutes spent marketing your service business every day! Before you read emails. Before you start working on client matters.
  21. Get persistent and get constant if you want your service business to be successful. It is the only way to achieve success. Smart service business owners realise this and start taking action. Are you one of them?

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