Why Adwords Trumps Facebook When It Comes To Marketing Your Service Business

Why is Google Adwords better than facebook when it comes to marketing your service business then?

Why Adwords Trumps Facebook When It Comes To Marketing Your Service Business

Well, aside from the fact that every man and his dog is currently advertising on facebook?

Attraction marketing is the answer.

The best form of marketing is when someone goes looking for your services, finds your advertisement, clicks on it and gets in touch.

It doesn’t get any better than that, and that is called attraction marketing.

That is exactly what happens with Google Adwords.

Someone types in, for example, “marketing consultant”, finds my advertisement at the top of Google Adwords, clicks on it, likes my website and gets in touch.

What happens with facebook advertising?

You are reading about a friends amazing holiday/new house/new car/new baby/new yellow square with some sickly words on it, when suddenly a sponsored advertisement pops up in front of you. It has to stop you doing what you are already doing and make you head off on a totally different path.

This is interruption marketing.

I am not saying it doesn’t work; it clearly does.

However, which is the more motivated client?

One who goes looking for you, or one who is distracted from their primary purpose by your advertisement?

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