Change The Normal Word Document Template In Microsoft Office Word 2010

Sometimes I love computers, and other times I detest them. I am quite Microsoft Office savvy; not saying I am the best in the world but certainly not the worst. However, for over 18 months I have been using Word 2010 and every time I open a new Word Document it chooses Calibri Body as the font (not good), size 11 (ok) and also after every line break or paragraph it puts a massive 10 space gap making the document look ridiculous. It has been driving me slowly mad, and if I add up all of the time I have spent changing the settings every single time I create a new Word 2010 document from the Normal template it will make me shudder.

I could have spent that time helping more service business owners to win more clients and we would all have been far more successful! So enough was enough – it was time to fix it. So I did, in about 3 minutes flat, and it occurred to me that if relatively tech savvy Nick was having this problem, other service business owners might also be in this situation. Well I no longer want you to suffer, so let me share with you the way to fix this Normal Template settings so you can save countless hours. The only promise you must make me is that you use the extra time it creates in your day to sign up for my free marketing tips so that you can make your business even more successful and attract more clients. Deal?

Step 1 – Open A New Document In Word 2010

Click file, new and blank document as shown in the image below:

Change Normal Word Template 2010



Step 2 – Right Click Normal From The Top Bar

Whilst you are in the ‘Home’ tab (which you will be after step 1 above, right click the normal box below to start making the changes to how you would like each ‘New’ Word Document in Microsoft Office 2010 to configure:

Change Normal Microsoft Word Template 2010



Step 3 – Select Modify

From the drop down menu that appears, select ‘Modify’ as shown in the image below:

Change Normal Microsoft Office Word Template 2010

Step 4 – Set Your Normal Word Template Preferences

Choose the font style, colour, size etc from the first red oval in the image below. Ensure you tick the circle marked ‘New documents based on this template’ which will ensure that every new document starts with these settings.

Change Normal Microsoft Office Word Template 2010

Finally, click ‘Format’ and then ‘Paragraphs’, if, like me, you cannot stand the massive gaps between every line break or paragraph, change ‘After’ to ‘0’ or your preference, click ‘OK’ to close the Paragraph settings as shown in the image below, then ‘OK’ again to save your new Normal Word Template Settings, then the next time and every other time you open a New Word Document, it will start with your preferred settings.

Change Normal Microsoft Office Word Template 2010

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