Steve Harley Cockney Rebel And Your Small Business Marketing

Come Up And See Me, Make You Smile As Steve Harley Nearly Said…

I don’t know about you, but I like to smile. I think I am quite good at it too. Despite having a very small mouth, which causes my family untold mirth, my smile seems to work very well. So thank you Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel, your song makes me smile. I want to know if I can make you smile too. See the other thing about me is that I like to make other people smile more than I like to make myself smile. Can I make you smile? I think I can.

Here is £10,000 for you.

Are you smiling now? Yes? See, I told you I could make you smile. I win. Oh, you want the £10,000. OK, I can do that for you too. Now I am not going to be as crass as giving it to you in used £20 notes, I know that you are far too sophisticated for that. I am not even going to give it to you for passing Go’. No, I am going to give it to you in a form that could actually turn your first £10,000 into £100,000 or £1,000,000 worth of turnover. That would be much better for your business would it not? Also, it will be a much better return than you will receive from your building society at the moment, and even better than a risky Hedge Fund manager could ever achieve for you. (As an aside, how do they stay in business those Hedge Fund managers? They seem to make fortunes for themselves but their clients rarely make a lot of money. Bizarre!)

So are you ready to collect your £10,000? Great; well all you need to do is to Come Up And See Me, And I Promise I Will Make You Smile! You see I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I can put £10,000 extra into your business bank account if you come and see me. I am fairly confident that the £10,000 can turn into an extra £10,000 A MONTH or more in your fees. I have done it time and time again for service business owners who come and spend some time with me. And in 2012 I am seeing more businesses than ever with my special half day offer for my Hidden Profits Discovery Day. This is the day when all I do is find ways to make you smile by showing you how you can EASILY attract new clients and more importantly, set up systems so that you are rewarded for your endeavours with new clients month after month.

I can promise you that having spent a half day with me you will leave my office positively beaming from ear to ear with all of the opportunities I have just shown you to attract new clients. Rumour has it that I had to have my front door widened once to let someone out because they were smiling so much. The reason people smile so much is because I show you real, practical, achievable on a shoestring budget opportunities! I have done this time and time again, so I know I can do it for you too, if only you will let me…

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