Finding Your Meta Tags On Your Small Business Website Quickly And Easily

Finding Your Meta Tags On Your Small Business Website Quickly And Easily

Yesterday I mentioned that you should not have your business name on each and every page of your website because it is a waste of your prime retail space.

The reason for this is that what you type into your Title Tag and your Description Tag are what Google will put into the search results.

Let me show you an example, because I am aware that many people do not understand the importance of this statement.

Below is a Google search for ‘estate agent marketing tips’ for which my website is listed third in the organic search results.


Estate Agent Marketing Tips Google Search Results


If I show you the source code from this page (remember right click on the page content then ‘view source code’ or from a Mac use the ‘Developer’ tab and view source code), this is what you will see.

Marketing Ideas For Estate Agent

Notice that it is exactly what appears in the search results above when you Google ‘Estate Agent Marketing Tips’. So what you type into your meta tags is what Google uses to display in the search results. It is your shop window to entice someone to click through and onto your website, so it deserves a bit of special time and attention does it not?

If you have just allowed your website designer to throw in whatever words he thinks will do, you have made a massive mistake, because he or she will usually not have put the time and attention into this task that is required.

I mentioned that I would provide you with a tool which can show you all of your title tags and description tags in one place, so here it is.

Screaming Frog will run through your website and put all of your meta tags on a report right in front of you, so that you can see if you are making the mistake of having your small business name on every page and whether you are making the most of this prime retail space.

If you have the same title tags and description tags on every page, I can promise you that spending a bit of time changing these so that they are unique and related to the content on each page will reward you handsomely. How? It will allow Google to finally work out what each of your pages is about so that it can send you more visitors looking for your service.

Most small business owners operate their websites with one hand tied behind their back. This is a good way of fixing that problem. I urge you to go and do it, then see your website traffic increase over the course of the next few weeks.

Here is a link to download the free tool: Screaming Frog.

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