James Altucher Insights And Marketing Ideas

James Altucher Insights And Marketing Ideas

1. Write Down 10 Ideas A Day
I came up with the idea for my 10 categories of tips each day whilst reading and acting upon the excellent book from James Altucher (The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth).

I have been reading James’ tips for some time. He writes very straight talking, detailed tips which I find compelling, so when he launched the book I had to buy it.

When I read that he suggested you write down 10 ideas a day, on the first day of doing this I decided it would be a good idea to provide 10 different tips each day related to small business marketing, so I have done that.

It would be remiss of me if one of those categories was not a James Altucher Insight Of The Day, seeing as it was his idea that created the idea… if you see what I mean.

So here is the first James Altucher Tip Of The Day, subject to James agreeing that I can share his wisdom with you… please say yes James :).

“Write down 10 ideas a day to keep your idea machine working.”

The more you do this, the better your ideas become.

2. Be More Like A Waitress

Be more like a waitress and practice the art of the check in.

My daughter is a waitress – a really good one (I know, I am biased). After she delivers a meal, a few minutes later she has to go back to ‘check in’ that everything is as it should be.

Once someone has come into your business life, and you have pitched for their business, even if you do not get it, check in with them once in a while to see how they are doing. Have genuine interest. Be a good listener. Wait for it to come back to you.

3. I Love Waiting To Die Staring At The Ocean

“I love waiting to die when staring at the ocean. I hope I die staring at the ocean. It doesn’t matter to me if it happens tomorrow or in 80 years. Better than dying in a conference room.” James Altucher.

This quote made me chuckle, especially the last part about the conference room. I have often felt like I am dying inside conference rooms… oh, a purpose, my kingdom for a purpose of this meeting…

4. Over Promise And Over Deliver

“Over promise and over deliver.”

A nice twist on the commonly used under promise and over deliver, but a neat one.

5. Have A Vision For Your Small Business

When you have a vision it makes you bigger than your job or your company.

6. Become the person everyone comes back to.

People will come and go, but some people retain their importance to friends, business acquaintances etc.

Be the person everyone comes back to because they know that what you say is fair and honest.

7. Complaining is draining.

Complaining only takes away energy from today and never solves the problems for tomorrow.

8. Leave early.

Meetings, parties, events. Leave early and enjoy the extra time you create.

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