The Expert Marketing Model For Marketing A Service Business

People often ask me what is the best way to market a service business. “What one thing can I do that will give me all of the new clients that I need to make my business as profitable as I want and need it to be”.

Well, as this is a no fluff marketing advice website, I of course have to break it to them very gently that there is no ‘one thing’. There is never a ‘silver bullet’ or ‘magic wand’ to wave to attract all of the new clients you want and need. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. But I know that you understand this, which is why you are here.

So what can you do, consistently and meaningfully, to develop your marketing and to produce a steady stream of new client instructions for you? Well, you do the same as I do and the same as all of my consultancy clients do; you follow the ‘Expert Marketing Model’.

The Expert Marketing Model

My expert marketing model says that you must:

  • Be Found
  • Be Seen
  • Be Heard
  • Be Quoted

Let’s look at each aspect of the Expert Marketing Model in more detail, and see how you can use it in your business. We will start with number one, because generally that makes number two much easier to achieve.

1. Be Found

Whatever service you are providing, if you can be seen as the expert for the provision of that service you will be far more successful than one of the also rans. But how can you be seen as an expert? Well, firstly, you must be found time and time again when anyone is researching their topic of interest.

For example, if you are a business coach, and a potential client or a journalist is looking for a business coach, or for a business coach who they can quote in a forthcoming article, if they keep coming across your website whilst doing their research you will work your way to the top of the queue.

This means that you need to write. If you know and love your topic of interest as I do mine, this should not be a problem. I could sit and write about marketing a service business all day and every day. That is not to say it was always like this. When I started it used to take me longer to think of a topic, plan out the article and then to write it, but once you have done it consistently for any period of time, as with anything, you will find it gets easier and easier.

As with all marketing, note the word consistency creeping in there. Consistency is the key. If you were to do nothing else in terms of marketing your service business for the next six months except write at least one article a week, I am certain this will improve the success of your business. You will be found far more frequently by far more potential clients. It is then up to you do to the next part and turn those prospects into clients, but that is the easier part.

So you must be found!

2. Be Seen… As An Expert

Next, you must be seen, and be seen to be an expert. This means that the content you write on your website must be of a sufficiently high quality. Invariably that means that only you should be writing it. Yes, you can outsource copywriting, but if you really want to be seen as the expert you need to write your own material, and lots of it.

In addition to articles on your website, you also need to publish free guides, paid for guides and white papers; items that your prospects can download (in exchange for their email address) that show the depth of your expertise in your subject matter. You want your clients to be convinced that you really do know what you are talking about so that you become the only person they ask to help them.

3. Be Heard

Once you have ticked off items one and two on the list, you need also to be heard. Whilst the most powerful medium is seminars and conferences, it is easier now to be heard on your website through the use of webinars or teleseminars.

Hearing you present your knowledge is a very poweful medium as it is another level of connection with your prospects. If you care about what you do this cannot help but come across when you present a teleseminar or a webinar. I hate to use the word ‘passion’ as I believe it is hugely over used and over hyped by marketing people especially. If you have to say the word ‘passionate’ when talking about what you do then I think you have missed the point. Passion is something that is picked up by your prospects when you talk about what you do, not simply by saying it. So you need to be heard talking about what you do.

4. Be Quoted

Finally, an expert needs to be quoted. I am flattered and delighted when someone quotes me in an article, or quotes one of my sayings such as ‘perfection kills momentum’, but this has only happened because I have followed steps 1 to 3 above consistently for many years now.

The ideal medium, the icing on the cake, is to publish your book. However, don’t listen to many of the so-called marketing experts who tell you that you must do this first. If you follow steps 1 to 3 you will have a successful service business. My book is on it’s way but I have still had a good business since I started in 2003 and all without a book. The book should follow once you have written all of the articles in step one, been quoted in the media in step 3 and written all of the guides and white papers in step 2.


Follow my ‘Expert Marketing Model’ for the next six months, then email me the results. I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised!

And remember, ‘Perfection kills momentum’, so start today and publish your first article. You can improve it later, but get it out there and keep doing it. Once you start to see the results it makes life a lot more fun!

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