A Scary Number For Service Business Owners Websites

A Scary Number For Service Business Owners

Apologies in advance but…

Did you know that on average, 99 out of every 100 visitors to your website leave without taking any action whatsoever?

Service Business Website Marketing

I’m guessing you didn’t…

Because if you did, you’d want to do something about it, right?

So now you know, what are you going to do?

Well here are three straightforward pieces of advice:

  1. Improve your call to action. What do you want your website visitor to do? If you don’t know, and make it known on your site, then why should your visitor know what to do?
  2. Create ‘opt in’ opportunities. Best case scenario, someone lands on your website, decides it’s the best thing ever, and buys. But that won’t happen that often. Sometimes your visitor will be interested, but won’t want or be able to buy straight away. Which means something important: you need to get some information off them so you can continue to contact them before they leave your site.
    Whether it’s a free guide, a brochure or a download, you MUST be offering your visitor something in exchange for (at least) their email address.
  3. Engage with them ‘as live’. Smart business owners invest in things that allow them to engage with their prospects while they’re ‘live’ on the site. That’s exactly what Your Website Genie allows you to do. It pops up, asks if it can help your visitors, and very frequently they say yes, leaving you with a nice new enquiry. In fact, some people have found that 3 times more people make enquiries when they add the Genie to their website. Click here to try it now:>>