Small Business Marketing Planning For 2017

Small Business Marketing Planning For 2017

I love this time of year. The whole world starts to slow down. Christmas parties, drinks with old friends, meetings without a purpose or energy. Everyone is already starting to slow down and unwind and it is only the beginning of December!

I love it because I know that I means that my clients have a little bit more time and freedom at this time of year than the rest of the year.

I know that if I can get them to use this time now to plan for 2017 AND start taking action now to implement that plan, they will be way out in front of their competitors who are waiting for next year before they think about taking action.

Their competitors are thinking about starting a Google Adwords campaign in 2017, not starting it now and refining it so that when the rest of the world starts taking action in 2017 they are there, ready and waiting to serve them. “We must do that Google Adwords thing, but I am busy writing the office Christmas cards now so that can wait until 2017.

They are not thinking about sending their first email marketing newsletter right now, so that by the time the second one arrives in January their clients are expecting it and ready to take action on it, they are waiting until the New Year. “Yes, yes, that’s a good idea, I like it, but I am drinking my pumpkin spiced latte now and eating a minced pie so we will think about starting that in 2017”.

And they are not thinking about adding Your Website Genie to their website in the New Year, they are taking the £1 three month trial now so that the increased traffic that will come their way in 2017 will generate even more enquiries for their services because the Genie will snaffle them all up. “I think I will give the Genie a go, although from memory I thought Aladdin was a film that came out around Easter rather than Christmas, but, whatever, I will wait for the New

Smart business owners plan now for 2017. They don’t start when the rest of the world wakes up in the second week of January. The start their new marketing tactics now, start testing them and then when ready to go go big.

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