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It seems that people are starting to use my PASTOR Advertising system and starting to see results, which absolutely delights me. Whilst many service business owners struggle to make their advertising work for them, I know that a carefully crafted advertisement using my PASTOR Advertising System will make your telephone ring and produce new enquiries for you. And for any small business you really cannot afford to spend money on any marketing activity which does not make your telephone ring!

What Is The PASTOR Advertising System?

Nearly every service business provider who I meet does or has advertised, quite extensively (and expensively). Nearly every service provider who I meet who has advertised is unable to tell me if the advertisement has paid for itself. This is sheer madness! If you advertise you should expect a return on your investment of at least three times as much in your fees generated than you paid for the ad. If you are not achieving this, you are going wrong. Why?

Well, usually the reason you are getting it wrong in nearly every case is because the first part of your service business advertisement is your ‘business name’. Now let me remind you that without exception, the first part of your advertisement, i.e. your headline, is the most important part of your ad bar none. The sole purpose of a headline is to engage your readers sufficiently that they read the remainder of your advertisement. I am sorry to say that seeing your business name is not going to excite your potential clients. First, they do not know you, and second, why should they care about your firm name? All they care about, and rightly so, is what is in it for them. If they see your logo, their sub-conscious says “Oh look, another advertisement, next page…”. Yet if you craft the right headline, you can engage your potential clients, and if you do that and make them read the rest of your ad, if you get your pitch or offer right, and they have a need at that time, they will call you. It really is and should be that simple! So let’s look at this in a bit more detail.

The PASTOR Acronym

  • P – Problem
  • A – Agitate
  • S – Solution
  • T – Travel
  • O – Offer
  • R – Rally


Start with the problem that you can solve. The odd things about us as humans is that we react better to problems than we do to solutions. The things that are nagging away at us get much more air play on our sub-conscious mind than the happy things. Think about it, if you have something worrying you right now it won’t be far away from the front of your mind. So if you can hit their problem on the head with your headline, you WILL have readership of your advertisement, and remember that is the ONLY purpose of your headline!


Once you have identified the problem, you need to dig around in their open wound a little more to agitate the problem and confirm that you really are talking to the person who is reading your advertisement.


Now you have been quite nasty enough, you can start to ease the pain of your prospect by hinting at the fact that they do not have to sit there and suffer. There is a solution available for them and you are there to present it for them. Like in so many soap operas whereas you started off the really bad guy when you came in with your nasty headline, by now offering the solution you start to become the good guy as do so many soap opera characters in the end!


Once you have let your prospect know that there is a solution to their pain and problems, you must expand on what that solution is. They will now be really interested, so you absolutely MUST present them with an …..


If you run any advertisement and you do not make a special offer of one type or another, all of the work done to this point is largely wasted. Now the offer does not have to be a discount of your services, far from it. I would much rather see an offer allowing them to buy a better class of service for a lower price, or even better offer them a free guide or report about the problem area in question which will allow you to collect their name and email or postal address so that you can keep talking to them until they are ready to buy your service. Often it is very hard for a service business to sell it’s service in just one advertisement, but offer some information in exchange for an email address and your success will increase exponentially over time. Using simple email marketing software like the one I use (Aweber), or another form of email marketing software, you can write three or four follow up emails and let the software deliver them over a period of days or weeks. Then, when your prospect is ready to use your service, guess what? You are now in a race of one of one to win their business. No one else will be involved!


Once you make your offer, you have to make it clear that it is a limited offer and drive it home to them to take action now. Rally your troops into action to make sure your advertisement repays your investment. Use scarcity (first 10 only qualify for this special offer or report) or a deadline (we all respond to these) after which your offer expires (notice how Sofa companies use deadlines all the time to spur people into action – hence the Deals Finish Sunday ads always on television – because they work)!

Please Share Your Results With Me

I do what I do for two reasons. The main one for me is hearing from people who have used my advice and seen fantastic results. Nothing makes me happier, so please do share your results with me, it will be very much appreciated. The second reason is of course to feed my family, but if I did not have to worry about the second part I would still keep doing the first part, so please do share your success with me!
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