What Does m.facebook.com Mean In Google Analytics Or Google Search Console?

If you use Google Analytics or Search Console to track the visitors coming to and through your website, you may well have seen m.facebook.com in the referrals section showing you how people have found your website.

You might have seen any of these variations in Google Analytics: m.facebook.com, m.facebook.com / referral, m facebook. What do all of these or any variation of m facebook mean in Google Analytics.

Quite simply, it means that someone has been on facebook on their mobile device and then clicked through to your website, so it is someone viewing facebook and your website from their smartphone.

Nick Jervis, small business marketing expert, explains what mfacebook means in Google Analytics or Search Console

Nick Jervis, Marketing Specialist For Service Business Owners

If you own and run a business, there are other key things that you must know about Google Analytics and Google Search Console if you are serious about growing your business.

For example, did you know that using the information contained within Google Analytics and Search Console you can make just a few changes to your website which can dramatically increase the volume of enquiries coming into your business from your website. When I say dramatically, I have seen business owners increase the volume of their enquiries by as much as 500% just with one simple change.

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Following on from the meaning of m.facebook, is your website responsive to mobile devices?

You can have two types of mobile websites; one of which is simply a special small website for mobile website users, the other is one which resizes to fit whichever screen it is being viewed upon. This is known as a responsive website design and if you are serious about winning clients from your website, it is vital that you have this type of website. If you do not, Google actually penalises you and sends you less visitors.

So if the answer of what m.facebook means in Google Analytics is that more people are looking at your website on a smartphone, having been referred from facebook, what does this actually mean when it comes to marketing your business?

Have you been successful? Have you finally cracked social media marketing and are now going to generate substantial volumes of business from your website? Will this provide you with all of the clients that you now want and need?

Sadly, in short the answer is a resounding no. There are so many more parts of the equation that you require in place before you start generating more clients for your business.

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2 thoughts on “What Does m.facebook.com Mean In Google Analytics Or Google Search Console?

  1. Naqvi says:

    How do we track Facebook traffic coming from Facebook ad campaign in the google analytics?

    • Nick Jervis says:

      Add some conversion code on the ‘action page’ where they will end up when they take the action you want them to after arriving from facebook then you can remarket to them within facebook. Also, within Analytics, add a Goal as a facebook conversion and add this tracking code to the page too. You can see how many are reaching your site within Analytics by heading to Acquisition/All Traffic/Channels.

      Hope this helps.

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