Why One Of These Can Transform Your Small Business

Why One Of These Can Transform Your Small Business

I explained to you recently that the rules for your business have changed, and changed for good too.

When it comes to marketing, this is very, very true. Doing the same as you have always done now doesn’t even get you the results it used to get you; it now gets you diminishing results.

But one thing is true when it comes to marketing, and that is this.

If you are seen as the ‘expert’ or ‘go to guy or gal’ in your sector, you will always be as busy as you want and need to be.

Now whereas in the past achieving this ‘expert’ status used to be a timely, costly and difficult to achieve ask, it is now made so much easier, by the power of the internet.

You can quickly stamp your mark on the world of expertise by producing regular, high quality blog posts on your website, and then being found by potential clients looking for the answers that your expertise can provide.

If you think this is just too difficult, I can assure you that it really does not have to be.

I have worked with people in many different sectors who have gone from having no blogging experience to becoming experts in only a few weeks. Just like anything that feels strange or difficult at first, regular practise takes away the fear and makes it much easier.

To show you how blogging can be so fast and effective in terms of generating traffic, let’s look at the topic I was talking with you about yesterday, namely that of Peacocks or Elephant Marketing.

If you click the link below, you will see that my blog post is in the top 10 of search results (often at number 1 but Google changes this from time to time).


You can blog about a topic with a strange or longer title, relevant to your industry, and be at the top of Google within 24 hours.

Now imagine if you did this just once a week for the next three months. That would be 12 new chances for your blog to be found by people looking for your services. If you do it for the next year, that is 52 more chances to be found.

Wouldn’t that make a difference to your business?

Could that be transformational in terms of your business growth?

I know that it can be, as I have seen it happen for so many business owners.

If you aren’t yet doing this, will you now?

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