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Looking For Copywriter Jobs? Want To Know How To Get A Job As A Copywriter?

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The Traditional Way To Get Copywriter Jobs

The traditional way to get copywriter jobs is to scour job advertisements on and offline and contact recruitment companies that offer copywriting jobs.

The trouble with this is two fold:

  1. If you wait until a copywriter job is advertised, you are applying with the 100 or so other copywriters who also want that job. Your chance of achieving success in your job application is dramatically reduced.
  2. If you apply through a recruitment company for copywriter jobs, if you are like most copywriters, you only contact at most one or two recruitment companies. There are hundreds or even thousands of copywriter recruitment companies, so by only applying to one or two dramatically reduces your prospects of finding your ideal copywriting job.

Alternative Methods For How To Get A Job As A Copywriter

Most copywriters will only try the methods above, yet there are many different ways to get a job as a copywriter.

If you are serious about getting a new copywriter job, you should give yourself a better chance by doing what most copywriters will not do.

Here are the alternatives.

They work.

If you work them.

1. Apply For Copywriting Jobs Before They Are Advertised

The writer of this article has never waited for a job to be advertised before applying for it.

In a career spanning 15 years, before starting his own business, he applied for four jobs and was offered four positions.

All without a recruitment company or a job advertisement being placed.

How and why did he do this?

He knew that the easiest way to win a race was to be in a race of one; a race against nobody else.

So when he wanted a new job, he sought out companies that he liked the look of and then told them he would like to work for them.

The approach is so rarely used it stands out a mile.

In the letter or email approaching the company he would include reasons why he wanted to work for that company, to ensure the application was as personlised as it could be (making it stand out even further).

He then received invitations to interview and job offers.

If you really want a new copywriter job, put yourself in a race of one and be the only person applying for the copywriting job before it is even advertised.

There are so many companies that need copywriters there is never a shortage for you to apply to.

Do you want to work for a digital marketing agency?

Or would you prefer to work for a blue chip company?

Is your copywriting penchant for financial advice, leading you towards an investment company, or legal, leading you to one of the major law firms.

The advice for getting a copywriter job that you are receiving here works, will you apply it or be one of 100 other copywriters applying for jobs only when they are advertised?

2. Become A Freelance Copywriter

Whilst waiting for your ideal copywriter job by applying for jobs following step one above, why not become a freelance copywriter in the meantime?

If you do, you may discover that you can earn far more money as a freelance copywriter than you can ever earn as an employed one (you can and it is not even hard to do so).

As a freelance copywriter, you can set your own hours, work from anywhere in the world with good wifi and decide on the top level of your income (as opposed to your employer paying you as little as they are able to get away with).

Every business out there needs help with copywriting, yet most do not need to hire a full time copywriter, so they use freelance copywriters to write their blog posts, write detailed articles, brochures and ebooks to grow their email list.

These businesses have a huge demand for freelance copywriters.

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If you arrived at this page thinking there was just one way to obtain your new copywriter job, hopefully now you have seen some other ways that will work for you.

Not only will they work, they will work far better for you.

If we have persuaded you to consider becoming a freelance copywriter, we will be pleased to have given you an opening into a whole new world; one that you have far more control over.