Goal and Target Setting Process

Goal and Target Setting Process

If you want your year to be a great one, you have to be very clear about what you want to achieve, then you have to put in place the targets needed to reach your new goals.

I have followed my own system for the last few years and achieved excellent results. For the first time, I am now making this process available to you too.

What is my Goal and Target Setting Process

Goal Setting And Process SystemPerhaps I should start by saying what it is not. It is not a 100 hour, never to be listened to Goal Setting audio or video programme. It is not one of these because I have seen enough of these and I know that they are just too complicated and not used by anyone who purchases them.

I am told that one of my many skills is making complicated things seem easy. So my Goal and Target Setting Process is a simple tool that will help you to, erm, work out what your goals are, then set your targets to achieve them.

It is is a PDF guide designed to make you answer the questions that you need to answer to decide on your goals for this year, then break this down into the targets that you will need to set yourself (the weekly and monthly actions) to ensure that your goals are delivered to you.

It also includes four optmisation checklists showing you how to make the most of the four primary and most successful marketing methods for service based business of:

  • Your website
  • Your email marketing
  • Google Adwords; and
  • Referral marketing

These checklists ensure that you are making the most of all of these marketing assets to ensure that they work as hard as they can do to make your goals come to fruition.

The cost

£75 plus VAT. Why so low? I know how important goal setting WITH target setting is. For years I would set goals but never then break it down to the targets that I needed to carry out on a weekly and monthly basis to make them happen. Setting the targets was the game changer for me. I want it to be the same for you too, so I am keen for you to have access to it.

If you would like four online sessions with me throughout the course of this year, the first to pressure test your goals and help you plan out the year, then the next three to hold you accountable to your actions, you should choose the Goal & Target Setting Process With Accountability Sessions option below.

The guarantee

30 day full money back guarantee. Simply email me on the return address for the email from which you receive the guide. I don’t hide away once I have your hard earned money.


Simply decide on your preferred payment method below and I will email you the Goal and Target Setting Process within 24 hours.

Need to be helped and held accountable?

One of the things that I know makes all of the difference to this process is being held accountable. I pay someone handsomely to make me do what I know needs to be done to achieve my targets and goals. I also offer this service in conjunction with the Goal & Target Setting Process. It is, as you would expect, not cheap, but then if you are looking to double or treble your turnover as part of your goals, it will easily cover the investment.

I am only offering 6 of these on a first come, first served basis. If you are not one of the first six I will refund this element of the service.

The Goal & Target Setting Process With Accountability Sessions includes:

  • The Goal & Target Setting Process;
  • The first 60 minute online meeting to talk through your goals and targets, ensure that they are realistic and sufficiently testing and provide marketing advice to help you achieve the best results;
  • Three more 60 minute sessions during the year to keep you on track; and
  • Email support in between each session

The cost is £1,250 plus VAT.