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There is such a huge demand for freelance copywriters for small businesses these days.

From website copywriting to blogs, articles, in depth guides and books, along with the brochures you must offer for download from your website, most small businesses struggle to keep up with demand.

Which is why there is a growing pool of freelance copywriters for hire available.

But how do you find them?

Why Hire A Copywriter?

Hire A CopywriterEvery business these days has an innate need for copywriting.

Your website must be updated at least weekly, ideally daily.

You need brochures (PDF thankfully these days) to woo your prospects who are not quite ready to engage your services.

You need to send an email to all of your prospects, clients and referrers, at least monthly, to ensure they never forget that you exist or do not realise your full range of services.

But that is OK, isn’ it? I mean, who can know the services you supply better than yourself?

So you will write your own copy then, won’t you?

A day, week, month or year passes and that article you have been meaning to write, WHICH YOU KNOW will answer a question that your ideal prospects are typing into Google every single day but which no one has yet answered, goes unwritten.

The worst part is that all of those prospects’ needs go unsolved.

If only you had written and published that article, how many more clients would you now have?

How much more income would you have generated?

Yet it remains unwritten, unpublished…..

We completely understand the best intentions, but we also know from having worked with hundreds of business owners that the best way to solve this perennial problem is to outsource your copywriting.

Someone who writes all day, every day, will soon understand your service offering, your unique skills and convey that message far better than you might.

Even if they don’t reach those dizzy heights, they will at least write and publish the article, ready for you to embellish it when you have time.

More importantly, while you wait to find the time to embellish it, your ideal prospects will now find you and get in touch.



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