Asking An Expert Makes The Seemingly Impossible, Possible.

Asking An Expert Makes The Seemingly Impossible, Possible.

I didn’t believe it was possible. I wanted to do it, but it just seemed impossible. That was, until I asked an expert, and suddenly the impossible became possible.

Asking An Expert Makes The Seemingly Impossible, Possible.

I finished my weekn perfectly with a bike ride into work this morning. What made it better, apart from the glorious sunshine, was that until last week I didn’t believe it was possible to cycle to my offices.

The reason for this is that since I was knocked off my road bike, rendered unconscious and nearly wiped out by two cement lorries some years ago, I do not cycle on A roads. I ride a mountain bike with very thick tyres and stay off the beaten track as much as possible.

Last week I tried my first ride into work and most of it was fine, but the bit at the end – about 3 miles worth – was all horrible.

I decided that as that was my only way into work was that way that I wouldn’t be doing it much, if at all.

However, the friend I mentioned that I went riding with last week told me about another route – one which totally took out the last three miles of the journey and ended with a cycle around a nature reserve.

Suddenly, what I didn’t believe was possible – namely cycling to work – became possible.

He is an avid biker and used to live in this area – so he knew every route possible.

Asking an expert suddenly makes what didn’t seem possible, possible.

It’s a short cut I use a lot in my business. If I want to know an answer but don’t know where to start, I pay an expert to let me have the shortcut.

It makes life a lot more fun!

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