Genuine Work From Home Jobs UK With Or Without Experience

genuine work from home jobsAre you looking for genuine work from home jobs UK and beyond? Do you have experience in a particular field, or do you have no experience and want to start from scratch somewhere? Either way, in this article let us share with you some of the places where you can find work from home jobs, and rest assured, there are almost limitless work from job opportunities available!

Work From Home As A Freelancer

There are so many freelancer opportunities, we have put this one in in case you have never come across it before.

Freelancing gives you the opportunity to work when and where you want, using any skills that you already have or many that you can acquire after a short course or time spent offering your services for free or at reduced rates while you learn a new skill.

You freelance for more than one business, so are not employed or beholden to any one employer.

This gives you variety but also flexibility, and means you can earn or as little as you want.

With freelancing, you agree either a day rate, an hourly rate, or a rate for each task you undertake, depending on your experience.

Often there is a shortage of supply, so many businesses will be happy to show you how to do the task or tasks required so that you can then become a regular freelance provider for them.

If you had thought until now that you could only get a work from home job working for someone else, freelancing could be your easy gateway to the freedom of working for yourself.

Imagine never having a boss again….. feels good, doesn’t it?

Here are just a few of the freelancing roles available that will allow you to work whenever and wherever you want to:

If you can think of a task, a freelancer can do it!

To see the full range of freelancer and work from home jobs available in the UK and worldwide, take a look at one of the biggest freelance/remote/work from home job sites in the world – Upwork.

You are guaranteed to find someone looking for the help that you can provide as a work from home worker!

Using Existing Experience, If You Have It

Since the pandemic, many more companies have moved to allow remote working, so it could be that whilst the skills you have or profession you worked in previously did not offer work from home opportunities, now do.

Whether you worked in tech, legal, accounting, mortgage broking, financial services, or any other service based business, the chances are that there are now work from home opportunities available.

Take a look around LinkedIn, look at your old employers and colleagues and see what they are saying and doing.

You may be surprised to see that many are working from home, or offering applications from people with your skill set to do just that.

If you have existing experience in any particular niche, the easiest way to find opportunities for work from home roles is to contact companies directly.

Many employers have a real shortage of quality staff, so an approach from someone directly could not only work for you both, but by avoiding going through a recruitment company, you save the employer a hefty commission payment which you can then use to negotiate a better pay deal for yourself.

If you don’t have existing experience, don’t worry, there are countless opportunities for working from home for you too.

Genuine Work From Home Jobs No Experience

There are many work from home jobs that you can do in the UK or wordlwide genuinely with absolutely no experience.

These include data entry, call answering (for call centres or for small businesses), copywriting, proofreading, customer service roles etc.

There is generally a shortage of staff, so employers are prepared to train people who have absolutely no experience to do the roles that they need to recruit for.