How To Find SEO Clients | How To Find Local SEO Clients

Are you an SEO Business Owner looking to discover how to find SEO Clients or Local SEO Clients? If so, the Small Business Salt team are here to help you. In this article we look at how to find SEO Clients, including how to find local SEO clients, so sit tight, and let’s begin!

How to find local SEO clientsFirst, let us just say that as fundamentally a marketing team, the Small Business Salt team salute you for becoming an expert in one of the best forms of marketing available to any business.

SEO Marketing, when done well, allows you to get your clients to the top of Google (other search engines are available) at the precise moment in time that they are looking for their services or products.

It is pure attraction marketing – putting your clients in front of their ideal prospects at the precise moment in time that they need them.

Unlike social media marketing, TV or Newspaper advertising, which tries to interrupt people from their primary task of reading something, SEO marketing answers their primary task: to find a new service provider or product that they are looking for.

This is why SEO, when done well, is one of the most powerful forms of marketing for local businesses and national/international businesses.

Now that we have covered, let’s move on to how to find SEO clients for you.

1. How To Find SEO Clients – The Obvious One

We have to start here, don’t we?

It may be stating the bleeding obvious, but if you cannot get to the top of Google for SEO company (your town name), or SEO Consultant (your town name) or SEO Agency (your town name), then we may have a problem here.

The Small Business Salt team sees hundreds of spam emails from SEO companies every month claiming that they can get us to the top of Google, but when we go looking for their company on Google we cannot see them anywhere, often not even when searching for their company name!

If someone goes looking for your services locally, you must appear at or near the top of the organic Google search results.

When talking Local SEO, there is one other obviously very important step…

2. How To Find Local SEO Clients

Following on from point 1 above, if you are looking for local SEO clients, the next thing that must happen when someone goes searching for you is to ensure that you show up in the Google Maps search results.

You do this, as we are sure you know, by having an amazing Google My Business listing for your local SEO company with dozens of satisfied client reviews.

How do you ensure that you have a great Google My Business listing with dozens of reviews?

You discover more about our complete guide to Google My Business, a must have for any business owner.

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3. How To Find SEO Clients – What Do You Want Them To Do Next?

If you get these first two points done really well, you will attract people to your website from local searches and from your amazing Google My Business listing.

However, we see so many SEO Companies then get the next part wrong….

When someone arrives at their website, they are given one option and one option only – call the SEO company.

If this is the only option that you currently offer, you are missing out on 90% of your potential prospects.


SEO is a DNA Marketing Nurture business.

What does this mean?

It means that people rarely wake up in the morning and instantly decide to hand over lots of money to an SEO Consultant, Company or Agency.

Every business owner knows about SEO, but most of them have heard horror stories of people paying thousands for months and never getting any results, so when looking for SEO help, people are generally going to do a lot of research.

It is for this reason, that as well as offering your visitors the option of calling or emailing you to discover more, you MUST also offer them an ‘item of value’ in exchange for their email address, so that you get them onto your email list and can spend some time nurturing the relationship to prove that you really do know what you are doing.

The ‘item of value’ can be any of the following, so long as it adds value around the topic of SEO:

  • SEO training course (video or email)
  • A guide to choosing a SEO consultant (PDF)
  • A brochure.

The key thing to remember is that out of every 100 visitors to your website, 99 will leave without taking any action.

Providing them with the option to download an ‘item of value’ in exchange for their email address means that you change this number so that maybe now 5, 10 or 20 people download your item, add themselves to your email list and allow you to grow an audience of people interested in your services who you can move along the line so that they are closer to working with you.

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Summary – How To Find SEO Clients

If you do the above items correctly, you will build a steady and consistent flow of new clients to your SEO business the right way.

You will prove your expertise to your email list so that when they decide to engage the services of a SEO Agency/Consultant/Company you are the only one that they speak with.

It really is that simple.

You do not need to spam email a million business owners.

You do not need to cold call unwitting business owners.

You do not need to go to 100 networking events and shove your card into 1000 people’s hands (if they will take them these days).

You need to SEO the heck out of your local SEO business, work hard on getting dozens of Google My Business reviews by doing an amazing job for your local SEO clients, ensure you offer an ‘item of value’ from your website in exchange for an email address, then let the clients come rolling in to your SEO business.