How To Find Writing Jobs Near Me

writing jobs near meAre you a writer already or someone looking to get into writing as a career? Either way, we can help you. Read our “How To Find Writing Jobs Near Me” guide and add yourself to our writing jobs notifications list if you would like to know when new positions become available.

Writing Jobs Near Me – Who Has Them?

The good news when it comes to looking for writing jobs is the huge amount of opportunity that exists.

You only have to walk into your local town and city and look at all of the shops and offices – every one of those businesses has the need for copywriting.

Look at the vehicles on the roads too, from removal companies to distribution companies, plumbers to decorators, they all need content.


For all of these reasons:

  • content for their service pages on their website
  • content for their blogs and articles
  • content for their brochures and flyers
  • content for their emails every day, week and month to their prospects and clients
  • and much, much more.

Every small business needs content, and most of them do not have the time or experience (or interest, truth be told) to write their own content, which is where copywriters like you come into play.

So if everyone needs content, how can you become the copywriter for any one (or more of these companies)?

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Get Writing Jobs Or Freelance?

Before explaining how to find writing jobs, just take a moment to think about how you want to work.

Do you want to be tied to one business and one office location, that you have to walk or drive to every day, or would you rather have a range of businesses for whom you are their number one copywriter, but for which you work remotely, from anywhere in the world?

The truth is that you can have either one of these, but it is actually EASIER to get copywriting jobs for more employers than it is to find a copywriting job for one company.

Why is this?

Quite simply, whilst EVERY small business needs copywriting help, most do not need full time writers, so the number of full time writing jobs for one employer are quite small and therefore harder to find.

However, the number of writing jobs for many different business, which gives you security of income as well as variety of work, all at the same time as working the hours you choose from wherever you want to work, Ware plentiful.

You could work for 5 different businesses, providing each of them with a range of copywriting tasks, and earn a much larger income than if you work for just one employer.

See our guide to Freelance Copywriting to read more about this.

Whether you decide to search for a writing job or to become a freelance copywriter, how can you get work?

How To Find Writing Jobs

1. Traditional Job Boards

Let’s start with the obvious before moving on to some more fun ways of finding writing jobs.

There are so many job boards and websites available, you can simply type in “writing jobs” or “copywriting jobs” followed by your location and discover all of the jobs that are available near you.

2. Freelance Job Boards

Freelance means that you work for yourself for a range of different customers.

There are MILLIONS of freelancers worldwide and BILLIONS of businesses using freelancers to fill both short term or longterm roles.

The one we use at Small Business Salt to find all sorts of freelancers to help us, from graphic designers to website designers, copywriters to software coders, is called Upwork.

You can head their and search for copywriting jobs and find hundreds or even thousands of them.

These may not be writing jobs near you, but they are all posted by people who do not mind where you complete the work, just that you do so as they need help from copywriters right now…

3. Go Direct

As we said at the beginning of this guide, practically every small business needs copywriters to help them to write their content.

Therefore, one of the easiest ways to get writing jobs near you is to approach the local businesses that you would like to write copy for.

Think about that point for a moment: you can choose the businesses that you approach and offer to write content for them.

So you can choose businesses that interest you, maybe because of a:

  • a hobby
  • a passion
  • a former career or knowledge of a topic
  • anything that makes writing the content more enjoyable for you.

Whether you decide to write for one or more employers, choose companies that interest you and you will enjoy the writing experience a lot more.

Once you have drawn up a list of all of the businesses that you would like to write for, approach them directly, but ensure that each of your emails is personalised to their business (which will greatly improve your prospects of receiving a reply).

For example, feel free to adapt our suggested template to each potential writing employer:


I am a big fan of your shop/business (EXPLAIN WHAT YOU LIKE) OR I noticed on your website that you XXXX and I have a genuine interest in that topic.

I live in XXXX and am local to you.

Can I help you with your copywriting needs?

The key thing for you and for the person you are writing for is to keep it short and sweet at this point. You do not want to overdo it, but simply strike up a conversation with any one who is interested in using your copywriting services.

DON’T SEND your CV at this point for two reasons:

  • It is too much at this point, just get a conversation going; and
  • Attachments are more likely to make your email end up in spam!

There are hundreds of writing jobs near you, now you know how to go and find them.

Or download our guide below to discover more: