Google Adwords Whitepaper For Service Business Owners

Google Adwords Whitepaper For Small Business OwnersAre you currently spending money on Google Adwords to generate new enquiries for your services, or have you done so in the past? Would you like to access my Google Adwords Whitepaper to discover where you are going wrong and how to fix it, quickly?

My Google Adwords Whitepaper For Small Business Owners not only explains the most common reasons why Google Adwords campaigns fail but also how you can fix them so that you produce more enquiries for your services at the same time as spending less money to achieve this.

Who am I? Why should you listen to me?

Nick Jervis Google Adwords Whitepaper AuthorI have been running Google Adwords campaigns since 2004.

Perhaps more importantly, I have been spending money on my own Google Adwords campaigns promoting my businesses since that time also (more than £300,000), as well as running client campaigns. As an aside it always amazes me how many Adwords companies do not run their own campaigns yet preach that their clients should do!

I have managed millions of pounds worth of Google Adwords campaign spend, always focusing on the only thing that matters when it comes to Google Adwords; return on investment.

I have taken over so many Adwords campaigns from business owners trying to run them themselves and from Adwords agencies.

I always find dramatic opportunities for improvement.

My Google Adwords Whitepaper explains the most common areas for improvement that I find and advises you how to fix them.

Access my Google Adwords Whitepaper and you access the inside of my mind; my Google Adwords brain dump if you like (sorry to use such a word before we know each other better, but it does succinctly summarise what you receive).

Lessons From A Six Figure Monthly Google Adwords Spend

Whilst I have learned a lot from managing client Google Ads spend from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds a month, I have also been fortunate enough to manage a six figure monthly Google Ads spend.

When you are spending over £100,000 per month on Google Adwords, you generate a lot of clicks and can test a lot of landing pages and learn very quickly from the results that you achieve.

I managed that spend for four years before the campaign was so successful that my client sold his business.

All that I learned from running that campaign is shared with you in the Google Adwords Whitepaper.

What Is Included In The Google Ads Whitepaper

If you download The Google Adwords Whitepaper today, you will discover all of my lessons from managing a multi million pound Google Ads spend, including:

  • Where to spend your time to generate the biggest returns;
  • How to get more clicks for less spend;
  • The most important changes you can make to your Google Ads campaign to increase your conversions (clue – it does not take place inside Google Ads); and
  • How to obtain a free review of your Google Ads campaign to give you bespoke advice on how to improve it (if you would like to).

Download The Google Adwords Whitepaper now

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