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If you want to get into copywriting, as a freelancer or paid, the key questions is always going to be “What experience do you have?”. The key problem is, how do I get experience? Well, based on my experience, doing a course is a great place to start. Here I look at The Creative Copywriter Academy Reviews and my own experiene of the company and copywriters who have completed their training.

I have used a lot of copywriters over the years, both for my own businesses and for my clients’ businesses.

Two of my best copywriters had one thing in common: they both started with zero copywriting experience, they both took the same course, then they both became very good copywriters.

Now that could just be complete coincidence, but having worked with them both for some time, I don’t think it is!

And I think that there is a good reason why this course stands out from many others for new copywriters:

It is presented by a company that provides copywriting services as its main business!

So they are not talking theoretically about how to become a copywriter.

They are training their next batch of freelancers who may well end up writing for them and their clients.

More importantly, all of them will get the opportunity to do copywriting assignments (the copywriting experience part which is so vital if you plan to be a freelance copywriter or an employed one).

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The Creative Copywriter Academy

The course is The Creative Copywriter Academy, and if you are serious about making a living from copywriting, you should check it out.

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