What Can Pay Per Click Do For Your UK Service Business?

What Can Pay Per Click Do For Your UK Service Business?

Pay Per Click is one of the best forms of advertising for service business owners out there; bar none. Why? Well the why is the simple bit. Please read this carefully:

Pay Per Click brings clients to you who are ready and willing to buy your service right now!

Yes, you read that correctly. It brings you paying clients who are ready right now to buy your service. These clients are not watching television when suddenly they see your service and say, “Oh yes, I really do need a life coach now”. These clients are not chatting with their friends on Facebook when suddenly your obtrusive advertisement for your accountancy services jumps up in front of them and says “Pick me, pick me”.

No. Whatever service business you are in, whatever your offering, there is someone out there right now looking for you. These are people actively seeking your services. These are people looking for an expert to help them right now. You could be that expert, are you?

Are you the expert ready and willing and waiting to help them, yet is your website completely invisible? Or are you popping up in front of their eyes at the very time they type into Google “Marketing Consultant Reading”? You can replace “Marketing Consultant” with your service offering, and “Reading” with your town name, but the point is this, someone is typing into Google now what you do for a living in the town or city in which you operate. Test this for yourself now. Type your service offering and your town or city name and see if your website appears before these interested purchasers. Does it, or is it missing from the top 10, or even the top three listings (your clients are too busy to scroll much past the first three).

And this is where Google Pay Per Click can bring you new clients, wherever you are in the UK.

If you just Googled and you could not find your business, you really need to start doing some Pay Per Click advertising so that more people can find you. It is a lovely feeling when you get new client enquiry followed by new client enquiry when you do not even have to leave your office.

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