How Many Keywords For SEO?
How Many SEO Keywords Per Page?

How many keywords for SEO? How Many SEO keywords should you use on each page to make it work for SEO purposes?

If you are starting out on an SEO journey, or just trying to improve your SEO skills so that you attract more visitors to your business website, how many SEO keywords do you need per page to give yourself a fighting chance of making it to the top of Google?

Well, we might start by saying that how many keywords for SEO is actually the wrong place to start from.


If you think about what you are trying to do here, the answer, yes, is to get to the top of Google, but the ultimate aim and the reason that you want to get to the top of Google is to win more clients.

You want more people to find out about your services or products and to buy them.

You want your business or your email list to grow.

That is the ultimate outcome, which is why we explore it below by showing you live examples of how many words are on pages that are regularly getting results in the top 10 of Google searches.

First, let’s look at how many different keywords you should target for each page.

How Many Different SEO Keywords Should You Target Per Page?

When it comes to how many keywords you should target, meaning how many phrases for each page, ideally you should only look at two or three keywords.

These keywords should be closely linked.

Here are some examples for you of sites in our business group of seo keywords targeted on each page (these pages all rank highly in Google and receive visitors to the site for these SEO keywords):

  • setting up a consultancy business uk” targeting that search term and also “set up a consulting business” and “setting up a consultancy”.
  • powerpoint breaking words” targeting that keyword and also these: “how to stop words splitting in powerpoint” and “powerpoint splitting words”
  • will writing solicitors near me” targeting that keyword and these: “making a will near me” and “will solicitors near me”
  • barclays marine mortgage calculator” targeting that keyword and these: “barclays marine finance calculator” and “marine mortgage calculator”
  • hot tub vacuum” targeting that keyword and these: “best hot tub vacuums” and “hot tub vacuum cleaner”
  • freelance copywriter uk” targeting that keyword and these: “freelance copywriters” and “find freelance copywriters”
  • sports therapist near me” targeting that keyword and these: “sports therapists near me” and “athletic therapist near me”

Enough Keywords To Persuade Your Visitor Of Your Expertise Or Excellent Product

When you start by thinking about your end user, you will write much better content that will give you a much better chance of your visitor first finding your website, then, when they arrive there, deciding that your product or service is perfect for them.

Take this article; the Small Business Salt team don’t have a finite number of words or keywords in mind to please Google, we have a number of questions to answer to help our readers to answer the question or similar questions “How many SEO keywords per page?”.

If you start from the position of enough content to please your readers, you will be more successful with your SEO efforts than if you do not.

How Many Keywords For SEO?

To get an idea for how many keywords you need for SEO for each page, let us share the results of our best performing pages on the Small Business Salt website in order of the pages receiving the most visitors:

  1. 255 words
  2. 1,201 words
  3. 416 words
  4. 4,277 words

You can see that there is quite a difference in the number of words per page for each of those pages, and that the page getting the most visitors is actually the shorter page of all of them.

Isn’t that interesting?

More interesting is the fact that the page with the most words on it is only the fourth best performing page.

This goes to show that the amount of keywords per page for SEO purposes isn’t the most important factor.

You also need to consider the keywords you are targeting (by and large the more searches each month for the keywords, the more competition there will be to get to the top of Google), and how focused the keywords are. For example, some keywords might only be searched for 50 or 100 times a month, but if they are so closely matched to the services that you sell or products that you provide, that could lead to 10 sales a month.

Targeting 10 keywords with 50 searches a month might get you much better results than targeting one SEO keyword with 500 searches per month.

This is why keyword research is such an important part of SEO.

How Many Words Per Page

Whilst you can see from the results above that how many keywords per page is not the only deciding factor in SEO, if you are looking for some guidance, here are what some SEO tools suggest you should have AS A MINIMUM per page:

  • 600 words per page – Rank Math SEO Tool
  • 300 words per page – YOAST SEO Tool

Summary Of How Many Keywords For SEO

When considering the question of how many keywords for SEO, you must consider not just how many keywords you should target for SEO on each page, but also how many words you should have on your page to give yourself or your business the chance of ranking highly in Google.

When you match both of these aspects of your keyword research you will achieve results with your SEO efforts.