Data Entry Jobs From Home UK

Looking for work from home jobs UK data entry?

Data Entry Jobs From Home UKMore and more people are looking for work from home jobs involving data entry in the UK. The combination of the pandemic teaching people that it really was possible to work from home, along with many of the working population wanting to take more control of their working day, means that working from home has now really taken off.

In this article, we explore some additional work from home possibilities that you may have not previously considered, including video transcribing.

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What Are The Work From Home Job Possibilities When It Comes To Data Entry In The UK?

If you are looking for data entry jobs from home in Yje UK, what are your options?

Whilst the normal data entry jobs revolve around entering financial details, stock and product details or entering logistical details, other possibilities for data entry working from home include:

  • Audio typing. Here you receive digital dictations from your employer or customer and turn the dictation into a Word document. The content might include letters, brochures or general articles for websites, which you might be asked to add straight onto their website.
  • Transcribing videos into a Word Document or onto a website. Whilst many people are prepared to sit and watch a video for minutes or even hours, other people like to dive straight into the content and skim read it at their own pace. In addition to this, business owners realise that transcribing all of their video content is going to make their website far more appealing to Google, which in turn means more visitors and more clients for their business. Transcribing video content into a Word document or onto a website is a huge work from home opportunity. You can either do this in a full time deployed role, or as an outsourced freelancer to many different businesses. This provides you with the real opportunity of controlling your day, earning a good salary and working from home in the UK.
  • Adding a backlog of content to a website. With most sites these days using WordPress for their websites, it means that you can easily add content to a website without any technical or coding skills. Suddenly your data entry possibilities are dramatically increased as you can add value to many business across the UK, adding articles and brochure content to their websites every month. This means regular work and payment for you, and more visitors for the website owner.
  • Answering services for small businesses. Telephone answering services for small businesses are huge employers in the work from home sector. Whilst you may not have considered this, it presents real opportunities to work from home, to receive a fixed hourly rate but be able to move around your home when the telephone is not ringing. With wireless headsets, you can easily answer the call, return to your desk and enter the data (call details) into the system without any difficulties. Answering services present a real work from home opportunity.

What Hourly Rate Can You Expect From A UK Data Entry Job From home?

Whilst your typical work from home data entry jobs will earn you in the region of £10 per hour, when you become more creative, work for yourself as a freelancer and charge each job a fixed price, you can quickly increase your hourly rate to £25 per hour and beyond.

When you are paid for each task, it is much easier to use your efficiency to get more jobs done in each hour. Your customers will be happy paying a fixed price, and you know that the harder and faster you work, the more money you will make from your work from home data entry.

Can You Really Work From Home Doing Data Entry In The UK?

The short answer is yes, but sadly the truth is that if you are looking for a job, most employers will want you to work on site.

A quick flick through all of the major job search companies such as Indeed and LinkedIn, show a whole range of positions for working on site in UK data entry jobs, but very few genuine ones for working from home.

That is why our article gave you some other work from home opportunities to consider, so that you can see that it is very easy to work from home in a data entry job, but that you might need to think outside of the box and look at opportunities that you have not previously considered.

However, if you do this, it is likely that you will not only find opportunities to work from home doing data entry, but that you will earn a lot more than the £10 per hour you would earn if you were employed by only one company.

You will also have a lot more flexibility and in time could employ other people to work for you in work from home data entry roles.

How does that sound?