Marketing Video Production Companies Services

Marketing Video Production Companies Services

If you are a video production company and you need more clients, I have a sure fire way of winning new business for you. It takes a little bit of your time and effort, but using the skills you do best – video production – so it should be right in your happy street. Also, if you do this consistently I know it will produce new business for you. Are you ready for the challenge to generate more clients for your video production company?

I am always testing new marketing methods and processes so that I can share them with my Marketing4Services members, and recently I have been testing some video marketing tactics. Now firstly I must point out that I am in no way a video production expert and I do not claim to be, so ignore the quality of videos but do not miss the important message. What I do claim to be is an expert at marketing service businesses, including video production companies.

So back to the story… recently I have been doing some blogging and piggy backing on local news stories to see the impact. So when the Olympic Torch came through the town where my offices are located, and more importantly right past my first floor office windows, I felt I had to test this video marketing opportunity. So I leant out of my office window and filmed a seven minute video of the procession arriving in front of the torch, then the torch holder who swapped with another one and then the new torch bearer went disappeared up the High Street and out of sight. As I say, the quality was not very good but it didn’t matter for the purpose of the test. All that mattered was having a video to use to test this marketing method!

So I did not edit it, aside from putting my logo onto the video in the top left corner, put it up on YouTube, optimised the Title, Description and Keyword tags for “Olympic Torch Relay Nailsea” and then left it to see what would happen.

Now bearing in mind that most of my business or marketing related videos might take a year to reach a few hundred views, I received 230 video reviews on the first day and over 450 within a week.

Marketing Your Video Production Services Company

So the answer for you as a video production company is very simple. Whenever anything newsworthy is happening in your town or suburb, video the event, produce it as quickly as possible (add your URL or logo), add it to YouTube and optimise the video for the event name and town name and you should attract some viewers of your videos. Also make sure you add a new page to your website, optimised to the name of the event and your town and place the video of the event on there too using the YouTube embed code. This gives you two bites of the cherry of being listed in the top 10 search results on Google.

As your video production should be a lot better than my own, when local business people keep coming across your videos, who will be at the front of the queue to prepare their next videos?


I know this will work well for a video production company, so what is to stop you trying it? I would if I was in your shoes (and I have even tested it for you).

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