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If you have found this page, you have made the smart decision to look into becoming a copywriter, and why wouldn’t you? With the ability to earn a good five figure or six figure income as a copywriter working from home or anywhere in the world, in this article we explore “How To Become A Copywriter With No Experience!”.

Freelance Copywriter Jobs For Beginners Advice. Looking To Become A Remote Or Freelance Copywriter? Here Are Some Freelance Copywriter Jobs Ideas For You To Investigate.

Freelance Copywriter Jobs There is one thing that every business owner needs more than anything else if they want to be taken seriously online and generate a never ending flow of enquiries for their services; copywriting!

Every small business owner needs to add regular content to their website which answers the problems that their ideal clients face on a day to day basis.

This means that there are unlimited opportunities not only for established freelance copywriters, but also opportunities for freelance copywriting jobs for beginners.

All you need is a laptop (or tablet), an internet connection and the commitment to get better at copywriting.

Freelance Copywriting Jobs For Beginners – Where To Start

Before you win your first paid copywriting job, you are going to need some completed copywriting to show your prospective clients.

The best advice is to decide which businesses you would like to do copywriting for (always usually best to start with an industry that you know well from your past) and then start writing daily about a notional business in this industry.

For example, if your background was accountancy, start writing articles about the accountancy firm “Sharp Practice”, writing content about their services but also articles answering questions that someone looking for their services will type into Google.

You will soon build up a portfolio of copywriting which you can then show to prospective clients.

Freelance Copywriting Jobs For Beginners – Your First Piece Of Paid Work

Once you have your portfolio, you can now go and seek your first paid for freelance copywriting jobs.

The easiest way to do this is to register with sites like Upwork and Freelancer and quote for the freelance copywriting jobs on there.

The crucial point at this part is to get your first paid copywriting job, as one will bring two, then four, then 100, so price competitively to win your first paid jobs, explaining that you are offering such competitive pricing to obtain some reviews for your services.

Once you complete each job, ask your client to review your services and soon you will build up a nice catalogue of reviews making it easier for you to win more and better paid consulting jobs.

Freelance Copywriting Jobs For Beginners – Summary

There is an ever growing need for freelance copywriting jobs.

What you have here is a blueprint to get you started.

Will you follow it?

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