Business Legal Advice UK

The right small business legal advice can ensure that your business runs smoothly. The right legal contracts will ensure that you are paid, and paid on time.

The right employment contracts for your team will make sure that you receive good service, and your work secrets remain safe should your employee leave you.

The best legal advice during the sale or merger of your business will ensure that you obtain the best price, the best terms and that your interests are properly protected.

Free Business Legal Advice

Whilst as a business owner you have a duty to maximise your profits, it is not sensible to scrimp when it comes to obtaining the best legal advice. Whilst some services appear to offer free legal business advice, the free usually is only at the beginning of the relationship.

It might be a free legal document or supplier terms, but once you are locked into their service, you will soon find that you will be charged for services later down the line.

Legal Advice Or HR Advice?

If you are looking for legal advice to help with your employees, often you might actually find that the services of a HR company on retainer are more appropriate for your needs.

Often, these HR companies offer a fixed price retainer service to provide you with all of the employment contracts and dispute advice that you need.

They will ensure that you comply with your requirements as an employer and deal with any staffing issues that arise.

Whilst there are some major, well known HR retainer services, as our name would suggest, we like to support small business owners, so we have a few HR Retainer companies who we will be happy to recommend to you.

Simply Get In Touch with us, quoting HR Retainer Introduction, and we will be glad to connect you.

Free Business Legal Enquiry

Whilst free business advice generally isn’t a good idea for your business, most solicitors will allow you to make a free legal enquiry, where you set out your needs and they then explain how they can help you and their costs for doing so.

Our sister site, SolicitorsNearMe can connect you with a commercial solicitor for your free legal enquiry.