How To Start Copywriting

With Copywriting, You Can Work Anywhere In The World And Earn A Good 5, 6 Or Even 7 Figure Income. In This How To Start Copywriting Guide We Look At Your Options For Getting Into Copywriting…

how to start copywritingThere are many ways that you can start copywriting, with many of them not costing you a penny at all.

However, if you want to fast track your course, a grea copywriting course is a sure fire way of achieving this, but it is not essential.

Let’s explore your options.

Just Start Copywriting

Whilst it is obvious, we often find in our work with thousands of people looking to launch businesses or obtain new jobs that the obvious is often a great place to start.

Here are some ways that you can start copywriting with no experience:

  • Find a local business and offer to write some blogs, articles or email newsletters for them in exchange for a review.
  • Write some blogs for a business you admire and send them to them, explaining that if they like them they are welcome to put them on their website and ask them to consider using your services the next time they need some content.
  • Create your own blog and use it to showcase your copywriting experience. Ensure you follow basic content marketing practices to give yourself a chance of being found whenever someone is looking for a freelance copywriter.
  • Find all of your old employers and colleagues and connect with them on LinkedIn. Look at the businesses they now work for and see if they use content. If they do, reach out to them and offer to help with their copywriting requirements.

Whether you are paid or not, getting copywriting experience is the best way to fast track your way to success!

Take A Copywriting Course

Our first option above will involve you trying copywriting, making some mistakes and gaining valuable experience.

However, if you want a more assured path to your first paid copywriting gig, then a copywriting course is a great way to go.

With full training and often the chance to get your first paid job from the course creater, this can be a great way to start your copywriting career.

Start Copywriting Whilst Working

The person writing this guide wished they had done this, instead of going from a steady salary to starting from scratch.

The good news about copywriting is that you can do it anywhere and any time.

You are paid usually for each piece of writing, so whether it takes you one hour or five hours and whether you do it in your pyjamas in bed in the morning before work, or after dinner in the evening at your gym, it doesn’t matter.

With this in mind, why not use some of your savings to buy a copywring course and then get your first few paid jobs whils still employed, building a client network and some guaranteed income before you make the plunge into full time copywriting.

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