How To Come Up With Ideas For Your Business

How To Come Up With Ideas For Your Business

I came up with more ideas to grow my business this morning than I have done in a long time.

How To Come Up With Ideas For Your Business


I had a meeting booked with my business advisers. My mind was forced to think about my business because it knew that questions would be asked of it.

Even if you do not have business advisers, I strongly recommend booking time in your diary to work on your business. Set that time in stone and then drive somewhere, get the train somewhere or walk somewhere.

Force yourself to focus on one issue, one question or one challenge, and just think about it.

I always like one question especially when I am doing this.

It is from Erland Bakke’s brilliant book, with a poor title I feel for the quality of the content contained within, “Never Work Again”.

The question is one of seven that he advocates, but it is the most powerful one by far for me. (I recommend that you buy his book if you want the other six, then let me know what you think – here it is on Amazon).

“What are the biggest problems facing my clients and how can I solve them in a way no one else is doing.”

In this time starved world in which we now live, anything that you can do or create to solve your clients’ problems adds value, and anything that adds value sells.


Time for you to book a day out of your office?

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