How To Write Your Meta Tags To Ensure More Clicks To Your Website From Google Search Results

How To Write Your Meta Tags To Ensure More Clicks To Your Website From Google Search Results.

As a small business owner, I imagine that just like me you get very excited when you do something which wins you more clients without costing you a fortune, am I right?

This marketing tip I am going to share with you today is one that I learned whilst using Google Adwords, but fear not my fellow business owner, it has nothing to do with Google Adwords or spending any money, so please do stay with me.

One thing that Google Adwords is so very useful for is the fact that it allows you to test two different types of advertisements against each other, to see which one attracts more clicks than the other one. So if one advertisement is displayed 100 times and clicked on three times, and the other one is displayed 100 times and clicked on 2 times, they would have a respective 3% and 2% click through rate score.

I am forever running two advertisements against each other to try and find a new star performer which beats my current winner. Why? Well, if I do this, it means that not only my Google Adwords Click Through Rate improves which makes Google send me more visitors for less spend, but it also means more people find my (or my clients) website which is the whole purpose of advertising. More visitors equals more enquiries for services equals more clients.

In this next sentence, I am going to show you what, in 99% of cases, gets you a better click through rate (there are always exceptions).

Using Leading Capitals Will Usually Increase The Number Of Clicks Through To Your Website.

I know this because I have tested it hundreds of times. You might think it looks strange, you might not like the fact that it is grammatically incorrect, but it works. I imagine it works simply for the fact that using leading capitals makes your advertisement stand out when compared to the other advertisements.

What this means for you is that you can take this knowledge, apply it to your own meta tags across your website and increase the number of people that will click through to your website from the Google Organic Search Results. See my last post if you want to work out how to find your meta tags on your website:

A simple change like this, which will take you minutes, can increase your volume of visitors with no extra work on your part.

Worth doing?

Tomorrow I will share with you something else that you can do in your meta tags, as well as using leading capitals, to attract more visitors to your website without any additional cost.

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