Marketing Your Self Catering Accommodation/ Best Way To Advertise A Holiday Let

Marketing Your Self Catering Accommodation/ Best Way To Advertise A Holiday Let

If you are looking at marketing your self-catering accommodation to produce more holiday lets, where should you start?

How do you market your self-catering accommodation without giving most of your profits to a holiday lettings agency in the process?

After all, you have invested the money and the time to make your self-catering accommodation as good as it can be, so why shouldn’t you then get to keep most of the profits?

The good news is that I have helped people with self-catering accommodation to completely get away from holiday letting agents and produce the same or even more bookings whilst spending about one third less than they were with the letting agents before.

I think this worked for me for two reasons:

  1. I love holidays so the holiday lettings market fascinates me; and
  2. I am a marketing consultant. I spend all day, every day marketing businesses to win more clients for them, and so I know how marketing works. What surprised me is that no one else in the holiday lettings industry seems to apply any basic, good marketing practices to their self-catering accommodation.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not having a go at you or other people who have your holiday homes.

You are not in the marketing business so I don’t expect you to know what to do.

It is just that I am surprised no one has explained how you can fill your holiday lettings business without the need for a lettings agent before.

I see hundreds of holiday letting websites each year for individual properties, when researching homes for us to stay in, and by and large they are all the same.

They either rely completely on Holiday Lettings Agents to fill their properties, or they rely on ‘hope’ that enough people will find their website to make just enough bookings so that they can keep going.

However, there is a way that you can get all of the holiday lettings that you want without any lettings agent, by spending less than you currently pay in commission and once you set it up it is a system that with just a small amount of tweaking will keep on working for you week in, week out and year in and year out.

Would you like to know what it is?

Simply enter your details below and let me explain how I created this system and how it works to fill your self-catering accommodation for you.

How To Fill Your Self Caterinfg Accommodation Without A Lettings Agent.

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