Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Small Business Review

I have been using the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 now since December 2014, and it keeps on impressing me more and more. It has reached the point that I wanted to share with you how useful I have found it, so in my review of the Surface Pro 3 here are the reasons why I have found it to be so useful.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them at the bottom).

1. It works

2. Everything you need in one place, with all of the Microsoft Programmes you need, all on something truly portable.

3. Enough battery life to work properly at home, in a café or in an office without the need to plug in!

4. It’s allowed me to give up on the idea that a Mac is necessary for someone other than creative designers. I am a creative writer and marketer, but the Surface Pro 3 allows me to do all that I need on it, easily.

5. One Note, One Note, One Note. Yes, Yes, Yes. Finally, a screen that I can write on just like writing on paper. None of that wrist on screen stopping it working. One click on top of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 pen and it opens up and I can write away on the screen. I like to write, so this gives me the flexibility of being able to write but the ability to find the piece of paper that I wrote on, because it is always in One Note.

6. It replaced my laptop, which had replaced my desktop. It handles all programmes that I need, seamlessly.

7. It’s quiet.

8. The keyboard types like a keyboard. I can work away on it for hours without a problem, typing thousands of words not just a few before I get too frustrated that I never hit the write keys (like I do with the Ipad and Iphone).

9. With the docking station at work and a monitor it becomes your desktop computer.

10. The wireless connectivity is better and stronger than any other device that I have, meaning I can connect when further away from the source.

11. It’s a beautiful piece of work.

12. It’s just a bit more fun than a laptop – I have a blue keyboard whoop whoop. It makes me smile, sad I know. But I am sharing here.

13. The screen brightness and resolution is crystal clear.

14. The ability to flick between keyboard and touch screen is becoming more and more second nature. For example, when working on the Surface Pro 3 keyboard, if I want to select a large piece of content from a Word Document to copy and paste into a blog post or Dreamweaver, I now know that it is much easier to grab the pen and simply drag it up or down the screen. Saves tying to scroll with the touch pad on the keyboard and works a treat.

15. It keeps surprising me each and every day – just by doing its job.

16. It has beaten Apple at their own game of making something amazing and completely new (perhaps except the marketing because I see so few people with a Surface Pro 3 (although I did see the guy from Lost who is now on Hawaii Five 0 using one the other day – it’s a thing I watch with my son – don’t judge me)).

17. It’s just so cute.

18. I am writing this blog post all about it, so that tells you how much I like it.

19. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is completely portable.

20. It fires up in seconds.

21. It has enough storage capacity for all of your needs.

22. It allows you to share to One Drive. When I finally understand how to make that work properly, I know that backing up to the cloud will be done seamlessly. Can anyone help me with that one?

23. I haven’t turned my MacBook Pro or Dell Laptop computer on now for over a month. I don’t need to. I am going to have to put ITunes on here as that’s the last need for my MacBook Pro.

24. Finally with Drawboard PDF and the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Pen I can scribble edits all over PDF’s quickly and easily to send back to my designer to amend. This alone saves me hours every month.

25. Watching BT Sports through Virgin Anytime on The Surface Pro 3 is much better than it was on the Mac (kept freezing) and a bigger screen makes it better than the Ipad. It works really well (just remember to use firefox not Google Chrome or you might struggle – lesson learned, scars earned (on the customer support line to Virgin Media… shudders at memory)). » Click here to see how to watch Virgin Anytime On Microsoft Surface Pro 3

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