You Do Not Need A Funnel For Your Service Business

You Do Not Need A Funnel For Your Service Business

I am quite a good worker, so I don’t spend all day every day on facebook or twitter, because I know that that is not where I do my best work.

Funnels Not Needed For Service Businesses
Funnels – down the drain with you!

However, I do access it for some business-related content, and as a business owner I am, as I am sure you are too, bombarded by some utter nonsense and drivel in the form of sponsored posts.

My current pet hate is ‘funnel’ shenanigans.


Because for most people a funnel is not what they blooming well need to make their business better, but these so called ‘gurus’ don’t tell you that. No, they just offer a ‘one size fits all’ message because that helps them with their business model, which is to sell as much ‘funnel training’ as possible, whether it is right for you or not.

If you run an accountancy practice, law firm, estate agency, financial advice business or any other service base business, nine times out of 10 you don’t need a funnel.

A funnel is required if you are selling something which people don’t understand, don’t know if they need (and nine times out of ten they really don’t need it) and it takes five or six messages to get the point across. So, all of these business gurus must have a funnel, because without it they wouldn’t be able to pedal any of their training about why you must have a funnel or your legs will fall off and your business will fail. Grrrr!

So, what do you need if not a funnel?

A darn good call to action at the end of every page of your website selling your services, that is all you need.

If you sell a service which people need in the next few days, weeks or months, then you just need to get them on the telephone.

If I am looking for financial advice, I am not looking for a funnel, I am looking to speak with a financial adviser. If I need a new accountant I don’t want to download a guide about how to find an accountant, I need to speak with an accountant right now.

How is your call to action doing? Don’t worry about a funnel, just ensure that you tell people how to get in touch with you instantly and that it won’t cost them a penny to make the first call. That WILL make your business stronger, much more than a funnel ever will.

Special Announcement

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And guess what, not a flipping funnel in site!

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