The Answer My Friend, Is Blowing In The Wind – Bob Dylan Is Right

The Answer My Friend, Is Blowing In The Wind – Bob Dylan Is Right

So you are sitting at your desk desperately trying to work out how you can attract more clients to your business. Should you be tweeting like a mad man, or is flogging Facebook the answer. Should you start a Google Adwords campaign, or are you better off advertising in the local paper to attract new clients to your business?

Come on, answer quickly. What should you do? Don’t just sit there, do something, but what?

Quite often, the answer is to do exactly what Bob Dylan recommends. The answer to most of your problems are blowing in the wind. They are not at your desk. They are certainly not in your inbox, so stop checking it every two minutes, stand up, move away from your desk and go for a damn good long walk.

So many business owners I meet spend nearly all day every day at their desk when they are not working for their clients. This applies whether they have enough clients, or are desperately in need of finding new clients. They just sit at their desk waiting for something magical to happen. They constantly press send and receive in the hope that suddenly someone will email asking if they can deposit tens of thousands of pounds into their business bank account for just a small amount of help or advice. Sadly, that is never going to happen.

You really do need to take to heart what Bob Dylan sang. Go for a walk. Clear your mind of all of the clutter. Leave your mobile phone in your office, or if you must take it, put it on Do Not Disturb or Airplane mode. Think about nothing. Do not have any pre-planned agenda. Just walk. Take the time to look around you and notice all the beautiful trees, flowers and animals that you see going about their business.

Your brain will provide you with all of the answers you need, but you just need to de-clutter it first to give it a chance of doing its best work. So de-clutter for at least 30 minutes and then keep walking for another 30 minutes which is your thinking time. Most business owners know what they should be doing, they just don’t take the time to do it, or implement a system that will create new clients for them each and every single month with or without their input.

So work out what it is that your business needs by going and blowing in the wind, then do nothing else until you have put in place an automated marketing system which will work with or without your input. Just remember if you are thinking that there is no way I can automated it all, you are almost certainly wrong.

You can always find someone who earns less than you do per hour than you can charge, so they are the ones who should be doing your marketing, not you. All you should be doing is managing them for a short period on a monthly basis. Then in a few weeks or months’ time, you really can have all the clients that you want and need (but please, do stop pressing send and receive now, do that just twice a day, and never before midday)!

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