Why Your Service Business Isn’t Growing And How To Fix It.

Why Your Service Business Isn’t Growing And How To Fix It.

I usually wake up without any alarm clock, well, that is to say that I did before the dark mornings came around.

Suddenly, a few days went by and I over slept. This never happens, so I wondered why?

Turns out it is the simple fact that our curtains are rubbish. Whilst they are lined, they do a worse job at keeping the light out than Man City’s goalkeeper did at keeping Jamie Vardy out of his net on Saturday (he let 4 goals in in case you didn’t know/were not interested).

So I wake up in the summer because my bedroom is like one of those winter light showrooms from around 5.30am.

The winter, however, when there is no daylight save for about 3 hours (or so it seems) there is not so much light and not so much waking up in a timely fashion as a consequence.

The dark nights allow me to focus on sleeping – and it seems I am doing well in that regard. The winter has provided me with a free blackout blind for my bedroom.

When I want to focus on working on my business, I employ a similar tactic – except rather than blocking out light which would make it difficult for me to write, I use blackout headphones (technically called noise cancelling headphones).

I put these on and I can hear nothing from the outside world. Whether I am in a café working or in my office, any outside noise or distractions are wiped out and I get a lot of work done.

A common problem amongst my clients when they explain that they are frustrated that they are not growing as quickly as they would like to is that they don’t spend enough time working on their business. They blame staff, clients or other interruptions.

If this is happening to you, can I suggest you treat yourself to some noise cancelling headphones (or as it is the time of year ask someone else to treat you) and when you put them on, make sure you ‘mean business’.

Do this at least once a day for a few months and you will soon have a ‘mean’ business too :).

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