Will Peacocks Or Elephants Transform Your Small Business Marketing Success?

Will Peacocks Or Elephants Transform Your Small Business Marketing Success?

When the peacock wants to mate, the male fans his beautiful shimmering green, blue and turquoise feathers and struts around, looking majestic. A hen finds this too much to resist, and the mating takes place.

Lazy mating I call that.

The elephant on the other hand, well, he is not quite so subtle.

No fancy tale, so he has to be a little more forceful, so he is. He chases a mate down, and then quite abruptly and forcefully mates with her. She may have little say in the matter.

Why have I gone all David Attenborough on you?

The reason is simple. If you can keep this image in your mind in the future it can save you thousands of pounds in wasted marketing budget.

The elephant I use to represent ‘Interruption Marketing’. This is the type of marketing that has to jump up and down loudly to stop you doing something and pay attention to it instead. It is far less successful. This applies to TV, Radio, Newspaper advertising and Social Media (yes, I said it, contrary to everyone else out there).

Think about this for a moment. Someone is going about their business, for example, reading a newspaper or looking at their friends new baby photographs on facebook, and your advertisement tries to stop them doing this to read more about your services. It means that to get a small response your advertisement has to be seen by thousands of people.

It is for this reason that Interruption Marketing is far less successful than the second type. I am not saying it doesn’t work, it just takes longer and costs more.

Useful to know that isn’t it?

The peacock represents ‘Attraction Marketing’. At the exact time that someone is looking for your services, they find you.

Their primary purpose is to find you, so when they do; they are far more likely to buy your services.

Good isn’t it?

The purest form of Attraction Marketing is Google Adwords/Pay Per Click.

Someone heads over to Google, types in your type of service followed by their location, your advertisement appears in front of them on the page, they click on it, see that you do exactly what they are looking for, and they get in touch.

Simple isn’t it?

Very effective.

Should you be using this in your business?

Absolutely, yes!

Have you tried it before and failed to make it work? If yes, there will be several reasons why this happened, along with the fact that Google has recently made Adwords even more effective for new client attraction.

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