Write Your Way To Freedom

write your way to freedomYou don’t know what you don’t know, people say, and boy is that true. When this copywriter turned small business owner (maybe entrepreneur some days) was an employed lawyer, he had no idea that this thing called copywriting existed, and that you literally could write your way to freedom!

How would I have known?

My entire life I had been told by parents, teachers, the establishment and everyone else who seemed to know better than me what my life would look like, that the only way you made money was to “work for someone, keep your head down and hopefully stay there for a very long time, if you are lucky, until you retire”.

Well, well, well, is all I can say now.

Since 2003 I have been running my own businesses, with the first paid work being copywriting.

I have written my way to freedom, and the good news is that it is even easier for you to do the same now!

If you are still in a job, dreaming of the freedom and flexibility that working for yourself brings, working the hours you want from the location you want to earn whatever income you want, then you can do this.


Why Is It So Easy To Write For A Living?

Quite simply, as the media has known for many years, and now every small business knows and understands this to be true: CONTENT IS KING!

Want a website for your business?

You need a tonne of content!

Want to email your clients and prospects every week to sell more of your services the easy way?

You need content!

Want to write a brochure, a sales page, a free book to be downloaded from your website?


You now can see that content is king in the small business world, so why don’t the millions of small businesses just write the content themselves?

Why Don’t Small Businesses Write Their Own Content?

As you have now seen, they need a lot of content.

But there are many reasons why they do not write their own content:

  • They are experts at running their business, not at copywriting.
  • They don’t have the time to write their own content.
  • They don’t have the effort or energy (or interest) in writing their own ccontent.
  • It is usually cheaper for them to pay a freelance copywriter to write their own content than it is to write their own.

Write Your Way To FreedomYes, that same money that you can earn by writing your way to freedom, to give you the lifestyle of your dreams, is gladly paid by the small business owner to get ‘that jof off my desk’ and allows you to earn a good five or six figure salary (some copywriters even make 7 figures, but it takes a while to get to those dizzy heights.

However, it doesn’t take long to get to five figures, even if you have no copywriting experience at all!

How To Become A Copywriter With No Experience

Can you really become a copywriter with no experience, no degree and no qualification?

100 Per Cent YES!

Small business owners don’t want your qualifications, they want your content, as I have shown you above.

So how do you go from wannabe ‘write your way to freedom’ starstruck puppy to fledgling copywriter?

A little bit of training and a lot of writing, but very quickly, that is PAID writing jobs, so you can go from employed/wannabee copywriter to paid copywriter in only a matter of weeks, just like I have done and many other people I work with have done.

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