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Nick Jervis’ Business Credentials

I am acutely aware that practically anyone can call themselves a sales and marketing expert on the internet, and many do. Whereas most marketing consultants have all of the theory but none of the practice, that is not the case with me and I think you have the right to know more about me to see if I am worth listening to (my wife says I rarely am but she is not running a small business ;).

So what have I done of note? My current main business interests are listed below:

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Website Conversion Software

I was on holiday thinking about how to make it easier for my clients to generate more enquiries for their services with no extra effort on their part. You see, I understand that they are busy and knew that if I could create a tool that generated a few more clients for them each and every month they would be very happy.

I knew that Live Chat worked, but also knew from experience that most people only use it sporadically, then turning it off when they lose interest. Website visitors then see the dreadful “We are not here, leave a message” sign which pops up. This is akin to having a shop and shutting for lunch – dreadful.

So I resolved to fix this, and fix it I did!

I found a live chat company that handles all of your live chats for you, and does so for an incredibly reasonable price, and it all starts with a two week, no credit card required, free trial.

It works and all of my clients use it.

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Law Firm Marketing Consultancy

I have a successful Law Firm Marketing Consultancy. My background has been in helping law firms to market their practices and whilst I thoroughly enjoy helping Law Firms, I also like helping people like me more in many ways – ie Small Business Owners just like you (and me).

Claims Company

1stClaims is a successful six figure claims company that I ran until 2016. It has been a fascinating story and an excellent and rewarding experience. How it happened was also interesting. When I left the law I was well known by a lot of Personal Injury Solicitors as I had written a legal practice book: A Practical Guide to Motor Insurers Bureau Claims and had given many lectures on this topic. A lot of the solicitors needed more clients (see it is not just you, all businesses do) and did not know how to attract them. No matter how many times I told them I could manage the process for them, build them a website and generate new leads for their own business, they said that they wanted someone to do that for them and simply pay for the leads as they were produced. I explained this would not help their business in the long term but they were insistent.

On the other side of the coin because I had practiced as a personal injury solicitor for many years I still had people contacting me about accident claims. I could not help them at the time.

With solicitors still asking me to set up a claims company, and clients needing good quality solicitors, I relented and set up 1stClaims. In hindsight, I wish I had done it earlier because when I tell you to try a sales or marketing method now it is because I have spent my own money trying and testing it on 1stClaims. We spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on various sorts of marketing and promotion. I know what works and what does not. I use this knowledge now for the benefit of my clients.

Other Businesses

I also have other smaller business interests, but these are the main ones and I hope they give you some confidence that I test my methods on my own businesses before giving you advice about how you can improve your own business.

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