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Small Business Marketing Consultant Bristol

If you run any business providing services, from accountancy to consultancy, or coaching to architect services, I know that you are currently missing huge opportunities to promote your business as efficiently as possible. Look, I was a solicitor for 14 years, I understand both what it is like to provide services, but also what it is like to market a service based business. I know that you enjoy doing what you do best, providing the service that you are an expert in, and that often the marketing of your services is not what interests or excites you. I also know how you can put in place systems and processes to make sure that the marketing of your service business is as automated as possible, even providing you with new client leads whilst you are asleep. If you are finding it difficult to generate all of the new client leads that you need now, I guarantee that I can transform your marketing in just one single day. Does that sound good?

My Small Business Marketing Consultant Service For You

I know that people often reach this page unsure what a small business marketing consultant can do for them. I know that they might be in a period of uncertainty, that they might not have enough new leads for their service business and may even be worrying about paying the bills in the next month or two. I also know from doing this for many years now that I can take away this worry, uncertainty and fear in one single day. It is why I created my Hidden Profits Discovery Day, so that in just one day I can make the marketing of your service business as effective and simple to implement as possible. I know this because I have done this dozens of times for many different types of service businesses. Whilst I worked as a solicitor, I soon realised that my skills in marketing law firms applied equally not only to my own Bristol based consultancy service, but also to coaches and consultants as well as accountants and surveyors, because ultimately we are all selling the same thing; our expertise in our chosen field of service.

If you are ready to transform the marketing of your service business for good, and make radical changes to the number of new leads you are generating for your services, please download my Hidden Profits Discovery Meeting brochure using the form below, and I will show you how we can soon start making changes for you for the better.

Hidden Profits Discovery Meeting Brochure

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Before the meeting I thought the fee was too expensive but was persuaded to go ahead by the no quibble money back guarantee. In my book that shows someone who has confidence in his own service. And I was not disappointed! Within 15 minutes of meeting Nick I realised his fee was real value for money. He opened my eyes to the steps I could take that would make a difference. If you want to spend a day at the end of which you’ll have an action plan with the tools and precedents to kick start you into activity, then Nick is the man for you. If you want to spend a day achieving nothing then he’s not! Elizabeth Kingsley-Smith, Kingsley Smith Solicitors.

Risk Free Marketing Consultancy – Does Such A Thing Exist?

I realise that you may well be skeptical that I can deliver what I promise. This is why I offer a unique guarantee for you! If you do not believe my visit has paid for itself in terms of generating increased profits for your service business, I will provide you with a full refund. There are no catches and there is no small print or no painful form to complete.

I am so confident that I can help you to win more clients for your service business that I am happy to offer this guarantee. Hopefully it removes any concern or uncertainty that you may still have so that you can make the marketing of your business so much easier in the future.

Benefits Of My Marketing Consultancy Services

My Hidden Profits Discovery Day has provided many service providers with the following benefits:

  • More methods for bringing new clients into their business
  • Improvement in terms of reduced cost and increased efficiency of current promotional activities
  • Improvements in conversion of existing enquiries into new client instructions
  • Increased profits
  • Development of new & profitable services
  • More time to concentrate on the aspects of their business that they enjoy
  • More job satisfaction
  • Less stress or time spent worrying about attracting new clients
  • More time to do the activities they enjoy doing outside of their business

We have never once regretted having Nick as our marketing consultant. He is just brilliant at thinking out of the box and making us do the same. We decided very early on that we just had to trust him because we are lawyers and not so good at selling things!

Nick is enthusiastic and extremely pro active which is infectious and makes us want to excel at attracting the clients we really want. He is now an integral and indispensable part of our team.

Julie Glynn, Partner, Glynns Solicitors Bristol & Bath

The Only Way To Find Out

The only way to find out when I release any new dates for Hidden Profits Discovery Meetings is to join my waiting list. I will then announce to you when I have dates available for you, so if you think working with me could help your business (I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that it can), please enter your details below:

Hidden Profits Discovery Meeting Brochure

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All dates are notified on a first come first served basis. Your place is reserved by faxing the booking form to me that you will receive after adding your details above.