Reviews Of My Services

The first email below is the shortest, but it was also very touching. This was from someone who had signed up for my tips and one or two weeks later felt compelled to send an email just to say thank you; very much appreciated indeed!

“We haven’t met but I consider you a superb individual!”


“I recently spent an hour with Nick reviewing my website and my attempts at marketing. Thanks to Nick’s expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm I came away with 12 decent actions that I know will make a difference to my business and save me money. My only regret – I should have contacted him sooner!”

Alan Walker MBCI, Director, AW Continuity Ltd

“Nick’s professional advice, expert knowledge and constant encouragement have proved invaluable this past year. He has helped my business from the outset, offering me support and guidance every step of the way. His services come highly recommended.”

Charlotte Laken – Copywriting For Professionals

“Nick’s expert knowledge in SEO and online marketing has helped me get more customers for Red Dandelion. Nick is cheerful, caring and really wants your business to succeed. I highly recommend you try his services.”

Jennie Bayliss – SME Business Coaching

“Unlike a lot of other domestic construction companies, I’ve used PPC almost since it started back in the early 2000s and it’s proved to be absolutely pivotal in my business – for a long time 85% of my business leads were generated through Google Adwords. Which is huge. So when people ask me why I spend money on PPC, my response is because it works. And it works really really well.

Lately though, other competitors have entered the market and they’re getting more web, online and marketing savvy. Which is outrageous – I was clearly here first. In the last year my click through rate has dropped to fairly appalling and I’m paying over £1 a click. And that hurts. I’ve also run several keyword and geographical campaigns – with no real idea if these were working or not.

It was time to ‘get with the programme’ and admit that although I’d had a good stab at PPC, I was really just tinkering. If I wanted to acheive maximum results from my budget and get the right clients to visit my website, I was going to have to bring in the experts.

Ah, Experts – everyone’s a self proclaimed expert or a guru these days aren’t they. Luckily for me Nick came highly recommended by two extremely successful and well regarded businessmen, who don’t subscribe to the notion of anyone talking what they term as ‘Guff’ aka waffle. That said, it was not without a little trepidation that I set off on the four hour journey to Nick’s Bristol offices to get myself fully up to spec on PPC.

I really needn’t have worried. I learned more in 2 hours than I had in 8 years. Firstly, Nick is a ‘nice’ guy. Which of course helps. More importantly though he is extremely focused on delivering results for our business. For sake of equilibrium though, I must point out that his coffee is terrible. (note from editor – coffee now improved with Nespresso coffee machine;).

Dare I say, domestic construction isn’t very sexy or exciting. And, to be honest, I’ve had my fair share of ‘if only we didn’t have to have customers’ days over the last 10 years. However we’ve actually got pretty good at it – growing a £1m turnover business from scratch and converting about 66% of our leads. So I know that if we get the right enquiry, we’ve a pretty good chance of gaining a customer. And as Meatloaf said, two out of three ain’t bad.

Firstly, Nick asked me about my business and customer profile, to get a feel for what client we are trying to attract and what our sector specific circumstances are. In less than two hours I was running a new wholly focussed and targetted campaign. Measureable tests were set up and I had a clear goal to analyse the results.

Now, I’m a massive fan of testing – and trying to outperform my last Ad has become a bit of a holy grail challenge. But, being naturally impatient I’d made it way, way too complicated, running several different ads, using every keyword I could think of and not really allowing enough time to measure the results. Nick helped me really hone in on what our clients are searching for and see that ‘simple’ actually works – so we got rid of a whole bunch of keywords which were totally irrelevant to my customers – and were pushing up my PPC bill each month.

In short, the drive back on the M4 was one of the most enjoyable motorway drives I’ve ever had. Not because I’m channelling the M4 particularly – in fact the M25 race track is more to my liking – however it gave me time to digest all the things Nick had told me – about PPC and other marketing strategies like referral programmes, direct mail, email campaigns and keeping a customer for life to name a few.

I was a bit concerned that I’d be fending for myself once I got back into the swing of the normal day to day running of the business but Nick has called me to devise new ads and give me hugely helpful suggestions for keywords. He’s kept me on track and obviously the fact that I’m getting better results every time is enormously pleasing, not to mention money saving.

I can’t recommend Nick highly enough – I’m getting targeted and relevant quality client leads, for less cost every month. And that is exactly what Nick promised to help me do.

“Nick, I cannot thank you enough for the marketing advice and help you gave me recently.

Jane Shepherd – Space Solutions. Garage Conversion Specialists.

Within a few hours of our consultation my web traffic had increased from virtually zero to over a thousand visits in one day. I would recommend your services to anyone (even the most skeptical) who wants to increase their business sales.

As I always say – work smarter not harder.

Thank again Nick.

Jeff Perryman

Director, MJP Office Supplies

“Through Nick’s advice and on going encouragement I have almost doubled my client base and am now looking to take on members of staff to deal with the increase in demand for my services. My success has been in no small way facilitated by my business coaching with Nick. I would, and I do, recommend him to anyone who wants to grow their business.”

Ben Winter PT

“Nick gave me one piece of advice which instantly increased my new lead sign up rate by 100%.”

Derryck Strachan, Big Star Content

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