The Problem With Your Small Business Marketing

The Problem With Your Small Business Marketing

If you do not currently have enough clients, I thought you might be interested in discovering the most common reasons why most small business marketing fails.

The good news is that once you understand why it fails, and when I say fail I mean does not consistently deliver new clients to your business, you can change the problem.

So here are the most common reasons that small business marketing fails:

  1. You do not have enough different types of marketing tactics producing new clients for you (your New Client Flowcast)
  2. Your marketing tactics are not automated so that they happen with or without you.

That’s it.

I told you it was simple.

Only One Marketing Tactic Working
Most small business owners who I meet largely rely on only one method for generating new client leads. This is an incredibly precarious and dangerous position to be in.

I have worked with businesses turning over only tens of thousands of pounds, and businesses turning over millions of pounds, yet each category by and large has only one marketing method which consistently delivers new clients to their business.

The problem arises when this method stops working. Sadly, I have seen this far too often too. I have seen it lead to a business struggling for a year or two, and in the worst cases, lead to businesses closing down completely.

So if you are currently relying on only one method, make sure that you add a new marketing tactic to generate more leads for your business as soon as possible.

Once that is up and running, add another and another until you have five or six marketing tactics regularly producing new clients for you.

Automating Your Marketing
The other problem I mentioned is failing to automate your marketing so that it takes place with or without your input. Failure to do so is a real problem because it means that the second you become too busy, or distracted, you stop doing the marketing that is producing your new client leads. At first this is fine, but if this continues for a period of time, you stop generating new leads.

You then panic and start marketing like crazy to generate more clients, until you become too busy again, so you stop marketing. You repeat this process time and time again, sending yourself half crazy in the process.

This is what I call the small business marketing roller coaster – and again it is something that you need to avoid at all costs to ensure that it does not effect your business in a negative way.

The easiest way to automate your marketing is to outsource it, or employ someone in-house to do it for you if that is your preferred choice.

Whatever the marketing tactic, you can generally find someone to do it who is an expert and perhaps more importantly will invariably charge less per hour than you do to provide your service. The perennial no brainer…

So if you are relying on only one method of marketing, or you are not automating your marketing yet, change this now to ensure that your business continues to grow and to be profitable.

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