How To Launch And Run A Successful Business Mastermind Group I have been a member of mastermind groups and run mastermind groups for over 10 years now. I realised very early on in my business life that I could either discover how to run a successful business by doing everything myself, making mistakes and learning […]

Why Mastermind Groups Work – They Force You To Think! I mentioned in my email yesterday that yesterday was my Mastermind day. I spent the day with my fellow business owners/friends chewing over any current opportunities in our respective businesses. I arrived not knowing what I was going to discuss when it came to my […]

Why Attend A Mastermind Group To Grow Your Business? Today is Mastermind day. I get together with a group of 10 other business owners to work on each other’s businesses and improve them. It is always an interesting day for me. I have been involved in masterminds for over 10 years, both in terms of […]