Why Mastermind Groups Work – They Force You To Think!

Why Mastermind Groups Work – They Force You To Think!

I mentioned in my email yesterday that yesterday was my Mastermind day. I spent the day with my fellow business owners/friends chewing over any current opportunities in our respective businesses.

Why Mastermind Groups Work - They Force You To Think!

I arrived not knowing what I was going to discuss when it came to my allocated slot. That might not surprise you, bearing in mind my preference to talk about other people’s businesses rather than my own. However, I left the day with a great opportunity.

I was last to have my session on the day, but being last gave me the entire day to think about what I needed to discuss. I was forced to think about my business – away from all emails, social media, telephone calls and any other interruptions.

It was by being forced to do this that I took things back to basics.

“What is it that my clients keep asking me for that I am currently unable to help them with?”

A plan formed in my mind, so that by the time it was my turn to talk about my business, my question to the group was to invite them to use their amazing brain power to attack my newly hatched plan and pick faults in it.

I wanted them to talk me out of it, which I knew they would if it didn’t make sense both for my business and my clients’ businesses.

They loved it. That surprised and delighted me in equal measure.

They also told me that the price I was thinking of offering the service at was too low. I said I could live with that.

There is nothing like the power of a mastermind group for forcing you to think about your business. If you don’t have access to one, force yourself away from a desk, away from all email and all interruptions, and spend a day with a pen and paper. Don’t cut it short. Just sit and think. Don’t check emails all day. It will allow your brain to distract you.

Sit. Think. Wait for your ideas to form. They will.

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