About Nick Jervis – Marketing Specialist For Service Businesses

Small Business Salt – The vital missing ingredient in your sales and marketing!
Service Business Marketing Consultant
I have been marketing service businesses now since 1991. I am a solicitor (non-practising now) and provide marketing advice to many different types of businesses providing a variety of services, from accountants to solicitors, estate agents to coaches and consultants and every other service type in between.

I get incredibly frustrated at the amount of hype and fluff out there about sales and marketing for small business owners. Often small business marketing consultants are selling ‘silver bullets’ which they state will instantly fix your marketing challenges. This is complete nonsense, yet many small business owners are tempted and part with their hard earned money.

I understand that if you are not naturally a marketing person you can be tempted by such offerings, but I hope that now you have found me you will not need these people again. I want to show you how to build a pipeline for your business that builds a steady and consistent supply of leads for your small business. I have done it for hundreds of other businesses already, so I know that I can do this for you too. And the easiest place to start costs you no money whatsoever. Simply download my free guide by entering your details below, and start to receive some practical, easy to implement advice from a small business marketing consultant who is keen to see your business flourish!

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