April Fools Day Idea For Huge Publicity For A Brewery Or Pub Chain

This has to be worth a shot if you are Weatherspoons, another brewery or anyone in the hospitality trade.

Release a statement saying that you have finally cracked it. Following the success of e-cigarettes you have created something even more powerful – the e-beer.

Drinking the e-beer gives you all of the effects of drinking with none of the side effects, such as gaining weight, getting drunk, vomiting, being unable to drive your car etc.

The press will love it.

You will gain massive publicity.

You will quote Nick Jervis from Small Business Salt www.smallbusinesssalt.co.uk as your marketing genius and deliver a Jaguar F Type (black please) to my office address stuffed full of £50 notes in every available space except for the drivers seat. (This will be the second part of huge publicity that you receive from this April fools day prank, so will repay you again many times over).

Thank you.

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