Automated Live Chat Comparison Table

Looking for automated live chat that works without any input from you whatsoever?

I am a huge fan of WOWY marketing – that is – marketing that works with or without you. Here is live chat software that can do just this for you.
Automated Live Chat Comparison Table
So, you have decided that you would like to have live chat on your website, and you can see the reason why it works, but you are also a realist.

You know that whilst the novelty is there, you will remember to use it, but then it won’t be long before you are not logging in every day, and then your clients see the equivalent of a “Shop Closed For Lunch” sign – remember those?

Instead it says “Live chat is offline – please leave a message”.

Which leads to only one thing – the user leaving your website.

So now you want the best of both worlds -live chat where you don’t have to do a single thing.

No problem – here you go!

Automated Live Chat Comparison Table
Name Chat Bot Managed Live Chat 24/7
Manual or automated (ie works with or without your input) Automated 24/7/365 Manual (but operated 24/7 for you by real people (not bots) without any action from you)
Users Unlimited Unlimited
Free trial Yes No – set up fee payable plus monthly cost based on number of enquiries handled.
How you receive enquiries? Instant email and online portal Instant email and/or live call transfer to you.
Is there a minimum contract? No 3 months
How does it work? Pops up instantly. Pops up after 30 seconds to invite any questions. If user clicks “No”, will not appear again for 24 hours.
Benefits No cost and no effort on your part. 24/7 live chat managed by real people on your behalf.
Disadvantages Unprofessional. Frustrating for your website users. Not acceptable for any good service based business. In my experience, it will generate more clients for you AND help you to improve the content on your website, so more work to do for you…
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