Aweber Email Marketing Software Review

Aweber Email Marketing Software Review

If you are looking at starting an email marketing newsletter for your small business, please let me be the first to congratulate you for making a very intelligent decision. I have used Aweber email marketing software since 2005, and I still use it pretty much every single day. It has been responsible for putting hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of business into my business, and for that, I am incredibly grateful.

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My only disappointment is that I did not start using it a lot earlier in my business, for example, when I set up in 2003. Think how much more income Aweber could have produced for me if I had started using it from day one! Ouch. Lessons learned, scars earned, I move on.

So I wanted to write this Aweber email marketing review for any small business owner who is considering using it to promote their services, to tell you what I like about it and some of its more powerful tools in terms of generating more clients for your business.

1. Aweber email marketing software is easy to use.

Every piece of software has its own peculiar ways, but by and large, Aweber email marketing software is simple to set up and easy to use. I offer a free course showing you how to get started with Aweber email marketing at the foot of this article. It is a complete newbies starter course and is free of charge, so you can be taken through the whole process from start to finish.

I have made all of the mistakes possible, so I can save you the trouble of making these mistakes yourself.

2. Aweber provides forms which are really easy to add to your website to grow your email newsletter list.

I appreciate that I am reasonably competent when it comes to website design and coding, without by any means being an expert, but I know that that is not the case with every small business website owner, which is why Aweber comes into its own. It makes it incredibly easy for you to create forms which you can add to your website which easily allow people to add themselves to your email newsletter database.

If you really cannot do any coding, you simply enter your website developers email address into Aweber and they will email him or her the code required to be added to your website to display this form. Like I said, Aweber make it as easy as possible for you to use their software. It is in their interests that your small business flourishes by using it, so they go out of their way to make this happen.

For an example of what these forms can look like – see my form at the foot of this review. You can keep them simple like I do, or you can add more design. I find that simple works better for my business having tested all types of forms.

3. Split testing your email newsletters

You can easily split test subject lines of your email newsletter to see which ones lead to a higher open rate. For example, if you have just started your email list and you have 200 people on it, you can ask Aweber to send the same message to 200 people, but with one title going to 100 people and another title to the other 100 people on the list. It will then present statistics for you showing you which of your emails received the highest number of opens.

This is a great tool for a marketing man like me. I am forever testing my subject lines to try and improve my email open rates. If more people open and read your emails, more people will contact you about using your services, so it is time well spent.

4. You can schedule in automatic emails.

If you do not like writing a weekly or monthly email newsletter, you can decide to write, or pay to have written, 12 evergreen articles, and then ask Aweber to send these out at weekly or monthly intervals. You do not have to do anything after that point, Aweber will simply take care of everything else for you and send them out at the intervals that you have specified. Easy! Adding people to your list is easy too, as you will see in the next Aweber email marketing software review tip.

5. Adding people to your newsletter list is really easy.

I have already shared with you that it is really easy to add new subscribers to your email marketing list simply by popping a form on your website, but that is not the only way to do this.

You can also add people to your email newsletter database either individually by the control panel when you login, or by uploading a spreadsheet to Aweber. This takes seconds and is another reason why using Aweber for your email marketing software is a smart choice.

6. You can build lists within your lists with Aweber.

One of the best tools within Aweber from a small business marketing perspective is that you can easily see who are you most avid readers and separate them out into a new segment and talk to them more frequently.

Aweber allows you to carry out a search to see who has opened your last message. If you have 200 people on your list you can search to see how many opened your message this week. If that produces 100 results, and you want to narrow this down further still, you can add another search to this search asking Aweber only to display people who also opened your email newsletter last week. You might now be presented with 75 people, and may decide that you want to narrow this down further still. You add another search criteria that people must also have opened your email newsletter from three weeks ago. Now you are down to 20 people, and as you are only looking for one new client, you decide this is a good number to target, so you save this ‘segment’ calling it ‘hot 20 prospects’.

You can now draft an email with a special offer for your services and send it only to those 20 people. You know that they are really interested in what you have to say, so your chances of success are greatly improved. Well worth your time to see if one of them will engage your services, is it not?

Aweber Email Marketing Software Review Summary

These are the main reasons why I find Aweber email marketing software to be so very effective. If you haven’t tried it yet, for a nominal price sign up now and give it a go: View Aweber Special Trial Offer Now »


Once you sign up, add your details below and receive my free set up video course to get you started really quickly.

Free Guide – Setting Up Aweber And Using It To Grow Your Business:>>