Why I Love Running A Business As A Google Adwords Consultant

Why I Love Running A Business As A Google Adwords Consultant

I have offered my services as a google adwords consultant for many years now; although it has become a much more important part of my business in the last few years.

Running A Business As A Google Adwords Consultant

When I was saying to a business friend recently how much I love running multiple Google Adwords campaigns he was keen to find out why. I thought it was a good point too and not one that I have written about before, so it seemed like a good idea to put down in writing why I enjoy it so much.

1. The perfect business relationship

The perfect business relationship is one where the client both receive a huge benefit from it. The client should receive a good service and the supplier should be paid a fair sum for their work done. With Google Adwords this perfect relationship is achieved. I provide my clients with more visitors to their website leading to more enquiries and more clients for their services and I am paid a monthly sum for my endeavours.

So long as my client keeps winning more business our relationship continues. It is a perfect business relationship.

2. Split testing

As a marketing man I like to test different aspects of marketing to see which work best. I have my own theories based on my experience, but there is nothing quite like being able to split test.

Google Adwords allows you to split test your Ad copy forever. It is great to constantly tweak it to try and beat your previous best performing advertisement.

3. Easy to track return on investment

With small business, every marketing activity has to pay for itself. There is simply no time, budget or even any need for brand building. That is for the big boys with marketing budgets in their millions, not for you or me.

With Google Adwords it is incredibly easy to track your return on investment. You spend money, the telephone rings, you win clients. Add up the anticipated client spend with you versus the cost of the Adwords campaign, and as long as my clients see is at least a three to one return on investment (they often see more) they keep on using Google Adwords.

4. Its all positive

In my career as a solicitor my last few years were spent specialising in serious injury claims. People came to me often having been involved in horrible accidents which had caused lifelong injuries. They required ongoing care and support to live their lives.

Therefore, even when the claim concluded and they received their compensation cheque for it, they still were in pain. I couldn’t improve their lives beyond that compensation.

However, with Google Adwords, a client comes to me wanting more clients and I deliver them. When I do that the client is very happy.

It is even better when a client comes to me who is already running a Google Adwords campaign, either themselves or using an agency or another Adwords consultant and I am able to quickly improve their campaign and generate more clients for them using the same or even a lower budget.

5. I can do it anywhere in the world.

I can run my business from anywhere in the world. Right now I am in my offices, but I could be anywhere with an internet connection and I could run my Adwords consultancy business. I can access my clients Adwords accounts from anywhere with an internet connection and using Gotomeeting for our calls.

6. Clients get better and better results.

I have been running Adwords campaigns for many, many years now. I get better at it all of the time, which means that my clients get better and better results all of the time. Again; a win, win situation.

7. I end up being free of charge.

I charge a monthly fee, but this is covered many times over by the clients generated for my clients, meaning I am free of charge. It is nice not to be a costly expense.

8. Part of my client’s team.

Whilst I like to work in my own office space, by working on my clients’ Adwords campaigns and delivering results for them, I soon become a part of their team. It is good to feel a part of so many of my clients’ businesses and be a member of their team. I am lucky in that I attract people as clients that I really get on with so it is a pleasure to be in their team.

9. Get to use all of my marketing experience.

Running a Google Adwords campaign allows me to use all of my marketing experience. I understand the client’s journey, so will work with my clients not only on their Adwords campaign, but also on their website design and content, their initial conversation with the client, their fee structure and their follow up process.

This really makes use of all of my skills and makes the experience fun for me and beneficial for my clients.


I really enjoy being a Google Adwords consultant. If you have ever thought of becoming one, why not download my guide below.

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