Business Sales Conversion Tips And Ideas

Business Sales Conversion Tips And Ideas

4. The Most Important Sales Conversion Tip Ever

Follow up, follow up, follow up, follow up, follow up. And don’t forget – follow up!

Yes, it really is that simple.

Yes, it really is that important.

3. Employ A Call Centre To Handle Incoming Calls

If you are a small business, employ a call centre to answer all of your new incoming calls. Ensure that they track how quickly calls are answered so that you know they are doing a better job than you were.

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2. Answering Your Business Telephone

Ensure your staff responsible for answering your business telephone understand that each new call generated has cost you in the region of £50-250, so be very, very nice!

Don’t assume they are already a client, don’t try and get them off the phone as quickly as possible but give them a little (lotta) love or it will cost your small business tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds over time.

1. Call Your Offices From Time To Time

Call your own office telephone at random times three times today. How quickly is it answered?

People are impatient.

If it is not fast enough, add more staff or outsource to a call centre.

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